27 Simple Ways to Find High-Paying Consulting Clients

  • The e-book will give you the real-life, effective examples you need to create an endless pipeline of clients
  • Pick one or two of the methods that RESONATE with you, to create your pipeline
  • AVOID marketing in a way that feels inauthentic
  • You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to find and land new clients after you find a method that aligns to your skills and personality.

Yes, even if you're introverted or too busy.


27 Methods. Pick One to Fill Your Consulting Pipeline and Accelerate Your Revenue

Get inspired to maintain the consistency and effectiveness required to succeed, sustain and grow as an IC.

The 7 Critical Success Factors That Make IC's Successful in Business Development

The 7 critical success factors crucial to your marketing and sales, no matter what method you use to attract consulting projects.

Key Take-Aways, To Help You Put the Lead Gen Methods Into Action For Your IC Business

Each story includes key take-aways that will help you implement the underlying concepts into your IC business.