Wondering what coaching is and how it works? Curious what types of results you could accomplish through coaching? Is it for you?

6 Case Studies: 

Real-life examples of what's possible through coaching with me

Why these clients wanted to work with me, the approach we took while working together and the results they achieve.

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I've shared real client case studies with you below. Confidentiality is core to what I do. I haven't included any names or identifying details. I hope you'll share my excitement about the results they achieved while working with me.

Case Study #1: He Didn't Settle for the First Offer (even though he was desperate to leave a toxic situation and felt insecure changing industries and roles)


My client was working in a toxic work environment. 

Even though he was making a lot of money, he was miserable, unfulfilled, and landing his dream job felt impossible and out of reach.

On top of it, he hadn't proactively looked for a job in YEARS because the jobs had always found him in the past.

He didn't know where to start.

And, he was worried that he would end up making a move out of desperation to escape his current situation vs. making the next best choice for his career.



We got really clear on what he wanted and what he didn't want for the next step in his career.

Then, we fine-tuned his professional branding and positioning so that it clearly articulated the value he would deliver to his exact targeted roles and companies.

Next, we developed his "go-to-market" strategy so he could strategically leverage his time  within his current job responsibilities.

We developed his confidence and tackled his skepticism that the perfect job was out there and available to him.

Then, he started landing interviews.

He felt confident explaining how he would be successful even though it was in a new industry and for roles that didn't match his most recent title.


The first offer came.

It wasn't ideal, and even though he was tempted to take it to escape his current company, he paused.

Within a week, he received a second offer and it was exactly what he was looking for, the perfect fit in terms of company culture, job responsibilities, and growth opportunities.

And, the offer was 23% above his target compensation.

Obviously, he accepted!

He said it was the best decision he's ever made for both his career and his personal life.

He shared that he was so grateful that he chose to work with me, and that I was able to help him get exactly what he wanted for his career without caving into the self-doubt and without settling for the first offer that came along.

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Melisa Liberman Coaching Case Study 1

Case Study #2: She Left a Comfortable Job for a Dream Job


My client had an incredible job, one that most people would envy.

Yet, she was conflicted. 

Her job was amazing on paper.

She loved her team and felt a strong sense of loyalty to stay for them.

She was well-compensated.

But, she had been there for years and was unfulfilled and stagnating.

On top of it, she had been neglecting her personal life. She wanted to slow the travel in exchange for more family time.

She felt confused, unsure, and that she might be crazy for wanting to find a new job.



We dove in to get clarity on exactly what she wanted professionally and why she wanted it.

We uncovered the "shoulds", the fears and the (mostly self-imposed) limitations that were holding her back from pursuing her career goals.

She made a firm decision it was time to leave, and became crystal clear on what she wanted next.

We created a step-by-step plan (the strategy, the tactics, and the mindset) to land her new role, to resign from her former role and to make the transition, strategically, logistically and mentally.


Ultimately, my client accomplished 3 objectives through our work together:


During our time working together, she gained clarity on exactly what she wanted, why she wanted it, and how to get it.


She took the leap and landed her dream job, one where she feels motivated, challenged and that she's living up to her potential.

She left the comfortable for the extraordinary.


As part of the transition into her new role, she made it a priority to re-define and recreate her self-identity and self-confidence so she could succeed in her new role and tackle the new challenges it brought to her.

She transformed from being 110% tied to her former title and company to someone who fully embodied her new title, her new focus, and the new direction she was pursuing.

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Melisa Liberman Coaching Case Study 2

Case Study #3: Recovered from a Career Setback & Landed a Job At The Company He's Always Wanted To Work For


My client unexpectedly lost his job. 

He was feeling angry, betrayed, and confused. 

He was absolutely mortified and embarrassed.

He never thought he would be "that guy", the one who lost his job.

He had always been a top performer, the go-to guy for the most important projects, deals and corporate initiatives.

He wasn't sure how to approach a job search. He hadn't looked for a new job in 10+ years, because the jobs always came to him.

And, even if he did land an interview, he had no idea how he would explain what just happenedat the job he just left.



First, we pulled apart what happened in his last role, to uncover all the self-doubt and worries that made a new role feel impossible.

He implemented and embraced the mindsets required to overcome his insecurities and resistance.

Then, we developed and began executing a strategic job search plan, one that started filling his pipeline with opportunities and offers.

We developed a clear explanation for why he left his last position, one that was easy and felt authentic for him to articulate.

Along the way, we realized he was avoiding high-value actions, like networking with his warm network, because the embarrassment was still lingering.


After we found and addressed this last piece of the puzzle, the interviews started to flow and he received 2 job offers to choose and negotiate between.

He's now working at one of his dream companies, a company that always felt out of reach.

We continued our coaching after he started his new role, so he could vigilantly manage and replace the self-doubt that's common when starting over with a new organization, a new culture, a new boss, a new team to manage, new peers and new customers to serve).

He's been in this new role for several years now. He's operating at the highest level and is on track for a promotion. (I'll come back to update the story after he gets it!)

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Melisa Liberman Coaching Case Study 2

Case Study #4: Landed a Promotion Through His Job Search


My client had worked at the same company for 20 years and knew it was (past) time for a change.

He wanted a leadership position (VP level) but had never managed a P&L and was concerned he wouldn't be able to come in from the outside and lead effectively.

He also wasn't sure how to pursue a job search for a role without a work history that included the exact title he wanted.

He wondered if it was possible to get promoted through a proactive job search instead of waiting for a company to approach him. He thought executives were most successful landing new roles when they were sought after.

He wondered if he be stuck at his current company forever.



We worked together to develop his professional branding so he could begin attracting roles at his targeted level. 

Then, we created a professional marketing plan so he could fill his pipeline with his dream opportunities.

After he had a solid foundation in place, his process stalled. He was networking consistently but not uncovering viable opportunities.

We dove into the mindset side of his equation and found that he admitted (to me, but more importantly to himself) that he was worried he wouldn't be successful in a new role and a new organization. He had achieved so much at his current role but wondered if it was a fluke?


After we uncovered the underlying insecurities that were holding him back, he was able to move forward powerfully in his job search.

He met other executives with unpublished roles he couldn't wait to pursue.

He had people calling him with leads on roles that hadn't yet been posted, encouraging him to apply.

He booked interviews that were in-depth discussions about strategy and results (and not the typical Q&A pass or fail model).

And, he landed a VP role managing a business unit, including he P&L!

He reports back periodically to let me know about his successes and to get coaching on the obstacles and challenges that naturally come for high-achieving professionals like himself.

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Melisa Liberman Coaching Case Study 2

Case Study #5: Realized Leaving Her Role Wasn't the Best Career Move


She came to me saying she needed a new role ASAP.

It was urgent.

She said she needed to leave her current job but was worried about her chances due of the job market and her age.

She also questioned if she had lost her edge.

She had been incredibly successful, receiving promotions, accolades, awards, and always the top #1 person selected for critical corporate initiatives.

But then the CEO left and her whole professional world (as she knew it) came crashing down.

The new CEO questioned everything she did. He scrutinized every action. He pushed her aside in favor of the team he brought in with him.



We broke out our approach into two streams. The first stream focused on launching a strategic job search and the second, in parallel, centered around regaining her confidence, credibility and success in the role she already had.

We worked together to unravel the challenges she was having in her existing role. We started implementing strategies to rebuild and create the key professional relationships she was lacking with the new CEO and his team.

We identified and replaced thought patterns that were holding her back from showing up as a confident executive in the new team dynamic.

She began establishing trust with the others on the leadership team. Their interactions went from contentious to collaborative.


On the job search side, she started landing interviews. She was evaluating opportunities and companies to see what would be the best fit for her career.

But something started nagging at her.

She wondered if she was leaving for the wrong reasons.

After coaching and reflection, she realized she was.

She was blaming the CEO and "his team" for feeling marginalized when in reality, there was so much opportunity left at her existing company and role, to rebuild and to stretch into the next version of herself as a leader.

She decided she didn't want to run from the problem.

She stopped interviewing.

She doubled-down on being successful in her current role. 

We worked together to create a plan of attack for each challenging scenario as they arose, and to proactively identify and address situations before they turned into issues for her.

Through this, she tackled her challenge head-on and was able to implement the mindset and strategies required to establish a trusting relationship with the CEO and the other executives.

She became, and continues to be, a valued member of the executive team, and has rebuilt her self-confidence.

She told me she's so appreciative of the work we did together and that she chose not to run from the challenge.

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Melisa Liberman Coaching Case Study 2

Case Study #6: Upped His Professional Game as a Leader and Manager, While Creating More Space for His Personal Life


Despite having a C-level title, he was constantly filled with self-doubt.

He wanted the approval of the CEO so badly that he was working himself to the bone, shifting priorities almost on an hourly basis, and his team had whiplash from all the changes he was agreeing to.

He and his were flailing.

His personal life was neglected.

His health was suffering.

His team was at their wits end, feeling like he wasn't able to give them a clear direction, and even when he did, he always ended up changing it anyway.

He was losing his motivation and his team was losing faith.

Meanwhile, the CEO was running full steam ahead, piling on more and more.



When we started working together, he wanted strategies and tactics to contain the CEO.

My client felt that if he could gain a better handle on the CEO's priorities, and then help the CEO to stay on track without changing his mind, that he would be able to create a more predictable schedule and stream of business unit outcomes.

What we found?

The key wasn't improving his ability to "manage up".


The key was to improve his ability to manage himself.



We uncovered the root cause of what was driving his actions, responses, and what he was avoiding.

It came down to people pleasing and seeking validation for everything he was doing.

This was such a surprise on the surface because he had everything - the title, the compensation, the responsibility.

But, no matter what he had and what he had accomplished, he didn't feel adequate.

After we pinpointed this primary driver, we saw where it was showing up everywhere.

  • It was showing up in how he set his priorities.
  • It was showing up in how he responded to the CEO's requests.
  • It was showing up in what he chose to delegate and what to just handle himself.
  • It was showing up in his customer interactions.
  • It was showing up in his relationships with his peers.

It permeated everything.

After we found all of this, we were able to create a leadership and management framework that he now uses to filter, prioritize, delegate and manage expectations for his business unit.

Through this, he's been able to

  • regain his confidence,
  • respond to all the requests with a clear and focused direction,
  • develop a stable set of priorities that are flexible and responsive to CEO and market-driven changes, and
  • carve out time and mental space for his personal life and his health.

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