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Are the highs and lows of consulting causing you to question if this business is for you?


If you’re like most independent consultants, you’re

  • constantly questioning whether or not you’ll succeed or
  • be forced back into corporate.


The worrying is endless:

  • about your financial stability,
  • when you'll be able to take a much-needed vacation without sacrificing billable hours, and
  • if you're really cut out for this business.


I questioned all of this myself too.

 I struggled for years, trying to figure out

  • how to create a predictable income
  • without giving up on the work-life balance that drove me to be an independent in the first place.


Then I realized the mistakes I was making in my consulting business, that were causing me to under-earn and overwork.


Actually, it wasn’t just one mistake...


I uncovered 7 mistakes that led me, and it turns out almost every independent consultant, to

  • get stuck in feast or famine,
  • constantly worrying about whether or not I’d succeed.
  • Or, if I’d have to go back to corporate with my tail between my legs.


You don’t have to fall into the same mistakes I did, and that took me years to diagnose.


You can avoid them, and

  • create the revenue,
  • the impact and
  • the schedule flexibility that led you to become a consultant in the first place.


This is why I created a checklist of the 7 mistakes to avoid as an independent consultant.


Download the checklist now, to 

  • pinpoint into the mistakes you're most likely making and
  • make a plan to avoid them so you can drive the revenue, impact, and flexibility you crave.


The Independent Consultant Checklist:

7 Mistakes To Avoid So You Escape the Feast or Famine Cycle.


  • Learn to identify which of the 7 mistakes you’re making, causing you to leave money on the table
  • How to avoid each one of the mistakes, so you consistently make the money and impact you’re capable of making, while not sacrificing your own schedule and flexibility
  • Ultimately, become known for and even sought-after for what you do, so the clients you can't to work with are seeking you out and you're able to write your own rules for how, when, where and for how much you work

What Other People Are Saying About the Checklist


Thank you!

"I had no idea I was making most of these mistakes. I thought I needed to work around the challenges I was constantly battling. Now I see that I can address the root cause to make my consulting business more profitable and take back control of my calendar too."

A tool to look at the bigger picture

"Honestly, nothing on this checklist shocked me. I knew I was making these mistakes but I didn't have a succinct way to describe them. This checklist has been a powerful framework to step back and look at the bigger picture for my business and what's preventing me from taking it to the next level."

Perfect timing

"This checklist was just what I needed. It prompted me to take a hard look at my business and the underlying reasons why I am just staying above water. I see now which of the mistakes I've been making that are causing me to be at the mercy of my clients instead of in the driver's seat of my business."

Let me help you pinpoint the root causes of the feast or famine cycle in your consulting business.