I help corporate moms work, on their own terms.

I get it.

My name is Melisa Liberman.

I was 110% focused on my career before I had kids.

I had the title. I reached Executive Vice President in a software company.

I had the awards. I won Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Award and numerous awards from my company, including MVP.

But then I had a baby (eventually 3 of them). After I became a mother, everything changed.

I no longer centered my identity around my title and accolades. I wanted to feel professionally/mentally challenged AND have quality time with my kids.

I started experimenting with different work-life scenarios:

  • Full-time in corporate, traveling and pumping in crazy places.
  • Part-time without taking a huge hit to my salary.
  • Consultant who hand-picked the projects and clients.
  • Stay-at-home mom for 6 weeks or so. 
  • And, business owner.

I've tried all of the work-life balance scenarios until I found what works best for me, and for my family.

I help corporate moms design THEIR OWN VERSION of work-life integration.

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