🎙️Show Notes for Episode 000 - Welcome to the Grow Your Independent Consultant Business Podcast

Mar 28, 2021

This podcast is for you if you’re an Independent Consultant and

  • You’re worried you won’t be able to maintain a steady flow of clients (and income)

  • You’re struggling to balance working on your business, while also delivering client work

  • You haven’t shifted from thinking as an employee to thinking as a business owner and CEO

Welcome to the Grow Your Independent Consulting Business Podcast. 

I’m Melisa Liberman, a fellow IC and a business coach. 

On this podcast, I teach you to become a consistently booked Independent Consultant without becoming a pushy salesperson or working 24x/7. Ready to create a pipeline of desirable clients and fulfilling projects that creates a steady stream of income? Let's get started!




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