🎙️Show Notes for Episode 001 - 3 Barriers to Landing Your Next Consulting Client

Mar 28, 2021

Quitting your corporate job and launching your Independent Consulting business is the first step. Finding people to actually use your service is a key to your success and survival as an I.C. During my journey, I have learned many lessons about landing clients, and I want to share them with you. 

Most ICs think the quality and helpfulness of their network and the economy are the biggest barriers to landing new clients. While these can be challenges, there are three primary barriers that you may not have considered. 

Today I want to discuss the three barriers that are hindering you from landing your next consulting client and how to overcome them.

In this episode, we will discuss...

  • [02:35] The Independent Consultants think the barriers are (that don’t have to be barriers for you)
  • [2:57] Barrier #1
  • [09:19] Barrier #2
  • [13:15] Barrier #3




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