🎙️Show Notes for Episode 104 - 4 Steps to Double Your Consulting Revenue Without Working More

Mar 08, 2023
Today we're talking about doubling your consulting revenue. 
And, even if your goal isn't necessarily to double your revenue, what you'll learn today can be applied to hitting any revenue goal.
Most of us think we need to work more in order to double our consulting revenue. The opposite is possible. I want you to know that you can work less and make more money.
In this episode, I show you how by sharing the four powerful steps to help you grow your revenue without working more.
Listen in to learn more.
Key points in this episode
  • [00:31] Why this content can be applied to any revenue goal that you have
  • [03:49] Take the Independent Consultant’s Pricing Scorecard and click here to watch the full webinar I did for MBO Partners
  • [04:37] Today's agenda 
  • [04:50] A Walkthrough of the 4 Steps
    • [08:01] Example #1
    • [09:44] Example #2
    • [10:01] Example #3
    • [06:30] Increase Your Inventory

  • [12:08] Rethink Your Value
    • [13:58] Double your value through positioning
    • [14:36] Double your value through offers
    • [15:10] Double your value through sales
  • [17:41] Double Your Demand
  • [22:23] Most Critical Component (*Cliffhanger) - Listen in to learn more
  • [25:01] A tool to put this into action. Brainstorm these 4 questions
    • [25:52] How can I double the value of my inventory?
    • [26:14] How can I double the value of what I offer?
    • [26:34] How can I double my client demand?
    • [26:40] How can I double who I am being?
  • [28:07] Two next steps to put this episode into action
  1. Discuss working with me as your coach - Click here to schedule your consultation
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