11 Tips to Get Promoted

Have you identified the next step in your career and need to know how to differentiate yourself for a promotion?

Have you been overlooked for a promotion in the past, and want to take a different approach to get what you want?

Here are the 11 steps that will get you promoted:

1. Look into your mind – what’s working? Where do you have full confidence in yourself? Keep doing more of that.

2. Look into your mind – what’s holding you back? Where do you lack confidence and even feel like an imposter? Where do you notice yourself getting defensive? Where are you not taking responsibility? This is all your work.

3. Discuss your goals with your boss. Talk to your boss about your goals and aspirations. Don’t ask them for anything, just ask for their mentorship and advice on how you can get to where you want to go. Check in periodically against with him/her on your progress and ask for advice and feedback.

4. Develop relationships. Build relationships across the organization. At every level. You might not see the direct correlation to a promotion but these relationships will be invaluable. You never know who might put in a good word for you, who might be your champion, who might advocate for you.

5. Drive results and track them. Keep track of your results and quantify them. Map your results back to the company’s objectives. Put the top weekly accomplishment on your weekly status report** and have the master list of accomplishments as the support for your next performance review.

** Many of you tell me that there is no status reporting process in your company. Send one anyway. Use it as an agenda for the update meeting with your boss. Show that you can operate one level above your peers and expectations. This is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself.

6. Volunteer. Be the first to raise your hand for the special projects, troubled projects and the jobs that no one wants. Show you’re a team player and a problem-solver.

7. Perform at the next level. How does the person who has the job you want think, feel and behave. What are they doing? What are they not doing? What are they thinking? What are they not thinking? Become that person who has the promotion before you have the job.

8. Check your presence.  How are you showing up? Are you put-together, organized, and confident? Or, are you disorganized, late, and unsure? Find 2-3 ways you can up-level the way you come across. Work to build an executive-level presence.

9. Make recommendations. Do you see opportunities where your team/department/business unit/company can save money, add more value to its customers, do work more efficiently, achieve the corporate goals faster? Turn these into meaningful recommendations that you pitch to your boss.

10. Become indispensable. Be the go-to person for your boss and your team. Be your boss’ right-hand person. Make him/her successful. Be the person your peers and colleagues come to with questions and when they need advice.

11. Create your own opportunities. Do you have a dream job that would also benefit the company? Design it for yourself. Create a business case and pitch it at the right time to the right people, to create your own promotion.

Implement as many of the tips 1, 2 or all 11 of these. You will be much closer to your next promotion.

If you're putting in all the effort and still being overlooked, reach out. I can help. Click on the "work with me" page of this blog for more information.

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