🎙️Show Notes for Episode 112 - Land Speaking Opportunities to Grow Your Consulting Business

May 03, 2023
Building and growing a speaking pipeline is a tool you can use to increase your consulting buyer pipeline. 
As an independent consultant, you use a variety of strategies to grow your consulting pipeline. However, one method that is overlooked or intimidating to many independent consultants is booking speaking engagements. 
Today I am talking about booking speaking engagements to generate leads for your consulting business with a focus on speaking to other people’s audiences as opposed to speaking to your audience.
I’m excited to cover the essentials of building a speaking pipeline such as:
  • What are the most effective ways to go about landing speaking opportunities
  • A 4-step process to uncovering, booking, and planning speaking engagements
  • Prerequisites to starting your speaking pipeline
  • How to convert speaking engagements into consulting opportunities
Listen in as I share the 4-stages of uncovering and landing speaking opportunities. I also address the necessary prerequisites and mindset you need to be successful in scheduling speaking engagements.
  • [00:35] Today's topic
  • [05:29] A moment of gratitude to thank all of my listeners 
  • [08:31]Today’s Agenda
  • [09:55] What do I mean by speaking?
  • [11:21] Landing speaking opportunities for the purpose of growing your consulting business pipeline
  • [13:45] Why it so much easier to speak to a pre-created audience of your ideal clients
  • [15:15] Why use speaking as one of, or your only lead generation mechanism
  • [18:29] The four stages of your speaking pipeline
    • 1.Speaking opportunities you want to explore or pursue(prospecting)
    • 2.Speaking opportunities who have expressed interest(qualifying)
    • 3.Speaking opportunities in process (in conversation)
    • 4.Speaking opportunities on the calendar
  • [23:28] Prerequisites for a speaking pipeline
    • You need one thing to get started creating a speaking pipeline for yourself - what type of client you want to attract
  • [25:21 Very specific steps on how you find and land those speaking opportunities and how do we fill the pipeline
  • [35:05] How to identify a value gap that you could fill for a specific audience
  • [40:32] The three next steps to put what we were talking about today into action
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