EP. 012 Client Boundaries

podcast Jun 03, 2021
Do you feel obligated to check client emails, texts, and voicemails at all hours? Do you feel resentful of clients for placing unreasonable demands on your time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to revisit your boundaries.

Establishing and enforcing client boundaries is critical for IC, but especially if you work from home, where the lines between work and home life are easily blurred. Oftentimes we avoid doing this because we fear upsetting, or even losing, the client. This sets a precedent that can lead to bigger problems down the road. 

Unless you set effective boundaries, rather than you controlling your business, your business will control you, which can quickly lead to overwhelm and burnout. Setting boundaries with your clients should never be considered a bad thing. Creating healthy boundaries allows you to take charge of your day, your business, and your life.

In this episode, I share three steps that you can use to establish client boundaries and three strategies to avoid possible pitfalls.
[03:42] What boundaries are and are not
[05:10] Example of a client boundary problem and solution
Process to use to start establishing client boundaries
[13:35] Step #1
[13:56] Step #2
[15:49] Step #3
Three possible pitfalls with setting boundaries and how to avoid them
[16:57] Pitfall #1
[17:52] Pitfall #2
[18:58] Pitfall #3


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