🎙️Show Notes for Episode 124 - How to Select a CRM For Your Consulting Business

Jul 26, 2023
Today’s episode is about how to make the most of a CRM in your independent consulting business. 
So many independent consultants have questions about how to effectively use and implement a CRM into their business process. 
So today, I share how you can maximize how you think about using a CRM through the lens of a business owner so you make the most of your CRM.
A CRM, when used effectively, will help you maximize your business development time, streamline your lead generation and sales, and balance supply and demand to keep your pipeline constantly flowing. 
I want you to think about using a CRM from the perspective of a business owner. I pulled together key points to consider when employing a CRM in your operating procedures, such as:
  • Why I changed my mind about CRMs
  • Six ways to think about using a CRM in your consulting business
  • Treating a CRM like an employee
  • Three ways to implement a CRM into your business
Tune in to get the answers to frequently asked questions about CRMs for consultants. Learn how a shift in mindset can improve results in your business. 
  • [01:18] Latest podcast reviews
  • [02:17] Personal life update
  • [06:53] Episode agenda
  • [08:45] 3 accompanying resources to read
  • [09:50] How and why Melisa changed her mind about CRMs
    • [11:00] Old stance: CRMs are not necessary to land your first client
    • [13:13] Old stance: Task management tools are sufficient
  • [15:00] 6 ways to think about using a CRM in your business
    • [18:05] #1: Make it easier to follow through with business development
    • [20:40] #2: Provide data to support your business decisions
    • [22:55] #3: Reduce friction of growing your pipeline
    • [26:40] #4: Streamline nurturing of leads and development
    • [29:05] #5: Maximize time investments your make in your business
    • [31:20] #6: Streamline & balance business development actions
  • [23:42] 3 ways to put a CRM into action
    • [23:55] Answer: “What job am I giving the CRM in my business?”
    • [34:25] Choose or optimize the CRM by embedding the chosen jobs
    • [34:53] Read accompanying resource blogs
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