EP. 013 6 Time-Saving Tools

podcast Jun 10, 2021
Many tasks need to be accomplished every day for a business to function. And for a business to thrive, those tasks need to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the best ways to maximize efficiency within your IC business is by utilizing productivity tools to assist with streamlining the systems and processes that keep it running.
Productivity tools can create efficiencies in a number of areas across a business, including task management, strategy and planning, note-taking, and communication. The right selection of tools is key to improving productivity and efficiencies in your IC business.
In this episode, I share the six time-saving tools that I use in my own business and exactly how I use them for maximum productivity and efficiency.

[02:17] Tool #1 Otter.ai
[05:07] Tool #2 Loom
[09:11] Tool #3 Calendar system -
[12:32] Tool #4 Voxer
[14:28] Tool #5 Zapier
[17:55] Tool #6 Done for you templates


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