EP. 017 The Critical Business Question To Ask For The 2nd Half Of The Year

podcast Jul 08, 2021
Today I will share with you the critical business question that you should ask to set yourself up for success in the second half of the year, so you finish the end of the year strong.

In the episode, I help you ask ONE CRUCIAL question to categorize your business results for the 1st half of the year. Then, I help you understand what action plan to put in place based on your answer. 

I finish the episode with the two goal traps to avoid and 3 success strategies to make sure you hit (and even exceed) your business goals for this year.
In this episode,
[02:16] The critical business question that you should ask 
[03:50] The action plan that you can put into place 
[11:34] Two goal traps to avoid 
[13:56] Three goal success strategies

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