EP. 043 Make Achieving Your Yearly Plan Inevitable

podcast Jan 06, 2022
Setting yearly goals isn’t always exciting. Setting goals can feel overwhelming and daunting. There’s one major adjustment that you can make to your planning process to create the feeling of inevitability for yourself and your business.

In this episode, I share the process to get clear on the action plan for your consulting business this year, to make achieving your goals inevitable.

This is part three of a three-part series.
  1. In step one (episode 041), we completed an impactful year-end review. If you haven't yet listened to that episode, you can go back after listening to this episode by clicking here
  2. In step two (episode 042), we focused on creating your independent consulting business vision. If you haven't yet listened to that episode, you can go back after listening to this episode by clicking here
  3. This week, we’re closing out this series with step three, transforming your consulting business year-end assessment and your consulting business vision into an actionable plan so that you know exactly what to focus on and where you’re headed in these next 12 months.  
To help you pull everything together, download your Yearly Business Plan Workbook for Independent Consultants at https://www.melisaliberman.com/plan

Then tune in as I share exactly how you can make achieving your year-end plan inevitable: 
  • [05:25 The three components of your yearly plan
  • [12:30] A simple three-step process to create your plan
  • [16:30] The common mistakes to avoid
  • [18:58] How to put this process into action in your business

Ready for help figuring out how to leverage these strategies in your IC business and ultimately double your revenue without working more? 
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