7 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

I've talked to so many job seekers who tell me they haven't had a chance to complete their LinkedIn profile.

Or, they're not sure where to start. 

The task of updating LinkedIn feels intimidating and overwhelming. 

They've just finished the daunting task of updating their resume and they don't have the mental energy to update LinkedIn too.

Is this you too?

Please don't skip this important step. LinkedIn is a go-to resource for potential employers and you'll want to make your best impression on there.

Take advantage of this tool, as a way to position yourself and prove you have the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly about your skills and experience.

Now that you're ready to start updating your profile, please avoid these 7 common mistakes on your LinkedIn profile:

1️⃣ Incomplete profile. You may not think all the sections matter, but they do. Be sure to complete everything on your profile.

2️⃣ Missing or unrelated recommendations. If you don’t have recommendations, reach out to at least 10  people you’ve worked with to ask for one. Also, review your recommendations and make sure they’re relevant to your targeted positions.

3️⃣ Missing or unprofessional photo. When you don’t post a photo, hiring managers may  think you have something to hide. Or, if you add a personal photo (e.g. you and your dog, you and your family, you on a run), it looks unprofessional. You don't need a professional headshot. But, be sure you are wearing professional attire and the background is neutral.

4️⃣ Your resume and LinkedIn have conflicting information. Be sure the job titles and dates on your resume and LinkedIn match. Otherwise, it looks like you could be untrustworthy.

5️⃣ Unprofessional headline. Use the headline to describe what you do using searchable keywords, and how you add value to your company. Don’t add in emjojis or use the title “unemployed”. Don't try to use a creative headline that may not be immediately obvious.

6️⃣  Ignoring the background image. Many job-seekers leave the background image blank or brand it with their current company’s info. Spend some time here, so that you leverage this highly visible space to capture attention. Make sure the background reflects your personal brand and what you offer vs. your current company’s. Use Canva.com to create a eye-catching, professional-looking background.

7️⃣ Ignoring your connections. So many job-seekers update their LinkedIn profile and then abandon the tool. Don’t skip the important step of networking with your direct connections, connecting with more people, and searching your connection’s connections to learn more about the companies and hiring managers with whom you’d like to work. Include 15-30 minutes on LinkedIn in your daily job search routine.

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