EP. 008 Gameplan for the 1st Call With a Prospect

podcast May 06, 2021
So you’ve booked the first call with your ideal client, now what? You want to ensure that the call is as effective as possible, and to do so you need a crystal clear and specific gameplan. 
Fortunately, creating a strong gameplan doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. It’s as simple as identifying and avoiding the common mistakes made on the first call with your ideal prospective client and implementing my 5-part formula for making the first call with your ideal prospective client productive and easy.
In this episode, I’m going to share a formula you can use to be successful in the first call with your ideal prospective client, to engage at a higher level.
No need to take notes, grab the free cheat sheet with the exact structure to use as you’re going preparing for the first call with your prospects.
In this episode, we discuss… 
The four most common mistakes when on your 1st call with an ideal prospective client
  • [02:47] Mistake #1
  • [04:25] Mistake #2
  • [05:26] Mistake #3
  • [05:50] Mistake #4

The 5-part formula to make the 1st call with an ideal prospective client effective

  • [08:26] Part #1
  • [11:23] Part #2
  • [13:01] Part #3
  • [14:31] Part #4
  • [17:49] Part #5


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