🎙️Show Notes for Episode 089 - Converting Conversations Into Consulting Opportunities

Nov 23, 2022

Filling your pipeline starts by identifying where leads come from. A great place to gather leads is through your network.

Relationships are the best way to fill your consulting pipeline. And it's probably how you've landed many, if not all of your existing clients is through existing relationships with decision makers, organizational influencers, past colleagues, past clients, etc.

 However, consultants frequently hit a challenge when they want to transition from a “networking” call into an opportunity. Why is that? 

 There are three common reasons your conversations aren't converting. 

 In this episode, I will share what those three reasons are, examples of best practices to convert an opportunity and strategies to convert conversations into opportunities.   

 Key points in this episode:

  • [01:35] Sneak Peak
  • [02:57] Why relationships are the best way to fill your consulting pipeline
  • [08:20] Today's agenda
  • [09:00] Check out the guide Filling Your Consulting Pipeline in 26 Minutes a Day
  •  https://www.melisaliberman.com/ram 
  • [10:06] 3 Most common reasons your conversations aren’t converting
    • [10:34] You’re not having enough conversations
    • [13:51] You’re just going through the motions
    • [17:29] You’re making it about you
  • [19:36] Example of a best practice to convert into an opp 
  • [26:42] The strategy to convert conversations into opportunities
  • [28:26] Episode recap



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