EP. 009 Nailing Down Your Ideal Client

podcast May 13, 2021

Identifying your ideal client is a foundational step in building your IC business, to ensure you build brand recognition for the types of clients you want to work with (and repel those you don’t). 

You may have slogged your way through at least one of those ideal client avatar exercises before. If you haven't, no worries, I’ll be providing you with some insights on the process in this episode. 

Nailing down your ideal client is the process of getting crystal clear about who you serve, so they know you’re the go-to person for what they need.

 I share how to get clear on your ideal client persona, so you create a pipeline of ideal consulting clients. This process will help you gain more confidence and clarity in terms of how you should be marketing your business.

Once again I have a little gift for you! There is no need to take notes, I've created a free cheat sheet with the exact steps you need to follow so that you can put this work into practice.

In this episode, we discuss… 

[01:58] Why this ideal client concept matters for your IC business

[08:04] Things to think about as you’re building out your client profile

[11:19] The 2 steps to get crystal clear on who your ideal client is

  • [11:25] Step#1
  • [13:56] Step#2

[13:01] Case Study





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