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Are you being penalized for playing by the rules in your job search?

Job Search Rules

Are you being penalized for playing by the rules in your job search? 

Here’s what it looks like to play by the rules:

  • Networking and talking to recruiters
  • Finding positions online
  • Tailoring your resume to make it through the online system
  • Reaching out to an existing connection who happens to work at the company
  • Waiting for someone to see you’re a great fit and book a phone screen with you

How to know if you're being penalized

How do you know if you’re being penalized?

If you’re a tech leader reading this post and you’re not landing interviews and offers, it’s likely you’re being penalized for playing by the rules. 

Believe me, I’m a rule follower too, so it is a little cringe-worthy for me to say that playing by the rules isn’t going to get you where you want to be.

But I’ll say it anyway.

Playing by the rules isn’t going to lead to an offer for your dream job.

This is not the time to be playing it safe.

Your competition isn’t playing it safe.

This is the time to get creative

Instead, this is the time to get creative. 

Think about it. If you had a job and were given a revenue goal and your job depended on meeting it, how would you show up?

You would:

  • Fill your pipeline with prospects by talking to as many people as you can (recruiters, people at your targeted companies)
  • Work around the gatekeepers to get in front of decision-makers
  • Show the decisions-makers your benefits, differentiators and value-add
  • Ask for the business

This is the same thing with a job search.

Find and Stop the "Not Wantings" in Your Job Search

Take a step back and look at your search.

Are you playing it safe?

Not wanting to offend?

Not wanting to be disrespectful?

Not wanting to be too aggressive?

All of these “not wantings” end up watering down your search (and your results).

Be Resourceful

Take a step back and look at what you’re doing, who you’re talking to, who you’re not talking to, and where you’re (probably) holding yourself back.

Then, ask how can I get creative to uncover opportunities, find the hiring manager, and get in front of him/her?

It’s that simple.

How are you going to go around the rules, to get in front of the hiring decision-makers to help them see the value you bring?

Take One Risk TODAY

Here’s my challenge for you today…..identify one action you can take that will get you in front of a hiring manager. Take the risk.

And Then...

Helping my clients work around the rules (while avoiding the penalty box) is one of the things we work on in my 1:1 coaching program for tech leaders who have suffered a career setback. If you’re interested in learning more about working with me privately, please click here to apply for a (complimentary) Job Search Breakthrough Call. We'll talk about how you're approaching your job search, where you're playing it safe, and your goals. And, also how coaching could be a good tool to help you land your dream job.


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