50 Tips to Get More of What Matters Done


Do you feel like you’re drowning? 

I have to be honest, there are many times where I feel like I can’t keep up with real life (my house feels so clutter-y right now) and that I have set too many goals. It feels like I can’t keep up and I just want to throw the goals (and the clutter) out of the window. I can’t get stuff done!

I feel pulled in so many directions –  wanting to spend quality time with the kids, putting in the work for my part-time job, and needing to check off the day-to-day responsibilities (meals, laundry, etc) while at the same time making progress on the bigger goals I’ve set (health and my business). Oh yeah, the hubby fits in there somewhere too.

I don’t want to wake up three months from now and realize that I’m so far behind on what I planned to accomplish this year, and just give up and hope entirely.

Do you feel this same tug-of-war going on in your brain? How can we get stuff done?

You’re not alone

I talk to other moms every day and they tell me they’re feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • a total mess
  • undervalued
  • marginalized at work
  • lost 
  • stuck
  • discouraged
  • not sure where to start
  • like a failure at work and as a wife and mom
  • that they don’t know who they are anymore, that they’ve lost their own identity

These are their words, not mine.

They ask, “what should I do about this? How can I get stuff done?”

Does getting your “stuff done” feel impossible? Let’s tackle this!

How can you feel more at peace at home, at work, and in your mind? How can you get stuff done? 

What’s the “stuff”?

Stuff is 

  • The sh*t that MUST be done, like feeding the kids.
  • The to-dos that have been lingering on your list, that are important but always seem to be getting pushed back.
  • The things you know would make life better or easier in the long run but just seem to big to tackle.
  • The progress you want to make toward your own goals and dreams.

I’m going to give you 50 tips below, to help you get this stuff done.

PRO TIP: Don’t feel like you need to feel like you need to do ALL OF THESE. Read through the tips and choose the ideas you think will work best for you. Try them. Then, come back later and try a few more.

By following just a few of these that work for you and your style, you’ll get your stuff done, and be able to feel more calm and be more present wherever you are.

Before we get started, I’d recommend downloading this free checklist so you have a quick cheat sheet to refer to later: 

Ok, let’s dive into the 50 Tips to Get More of What Matters Done. 

I’ve organized the tips into 6 categories:

  1. See the Big Picture

  2. Get Inspired

  3. Create the Right Frame of Mind

  4. Build Consistent Habits

  5. Plan it Out & Execute

  6. Take Action

It’s really challenging to pick my favorites but if I had to give you my TOP 10 I’d say –

  • #1,
  • #2,
  • #14,
  • #17,
  • #19,
  • #24,
  • #35,
  • #46,
  • #47 and 
  • I love the challenge from #50. 

Read through and let me know which #’s already work for you (check those off your “get stuff done” checklist/download) and which you plan to try. Drop me a comment below.

Remember, this isn’t about doing all of these tips. I’m not trying to add to your over-flowing to-do-list. Pick a few to try and then, come back to try a few more and so on until you have a routine that works for you.


1. Focus on gaining clarity

Tip #1 for how to get stuff done is to focus on gaining clarity. 

Are you clear on what you want to achieve and WHY? You might be stuck and not getting stuff done because you haven’t truly defined what it is you’re trying to accomplish and why it would benefit you and others.

If you can get crystal clear on WHAT your focus is and WHY you want to accomplish it, the path will be less riddled in doubt, excuses, worry and questioning of yourself and your plans.

Get very clear on your top 2-3 priorities/goals, WHY you want to accomplish them, and then match your to-do list around that, to get the right stuff done.


2. Review or re-write your goals daily or weekly

Tip #2 for how to get stuff done is to review or re-write your goals daily or weekly.

Review or re-write your goals daily or weekly, at a minimum. This might sound like overkill but it’s not. Reviewing, or even re-writing goals keeps them fresh in your mind and the big picture at the forefront.

I like to review them daily (I use notecards for this) and re-write them weekly.

How many times do you get bogged down in the day doing meaningless tasks that don’t match back to a priority? Sometimes it’s easier to do this busy work than the work that matters, right?

Reviewing or re-writing the goals helps you to remember what you’re working to accomplish and keeps perspective.

I have 3 goals at all times and I write them quickly on the top of my planner page each day. I look at that every time I feel like I’m losing steam or feeling overwhelmed.

If weekly sounds like it would be more effective and more do-able for you, go for that. If you can jot down your goals on your daily planner page or create a habit to review them daily, go for that. By reminding yourself of the big picture, you’ll be able to push through more and get stuff done.

Michael Hyatt has a great article on this topic and practice – Goal Setting by Michael Hyatt.


3. Use 2-3 affirmations to re-set focus (+ set a reminder or use an app to remember)

Tip #3 for how to get stuff done is to use affirmations to re-set your focus.

Do you use affirmations? I used to think that idea was way too fluffy…

But no.

They’re amazing. The mantras help remind you what you’re focused on, where your priorities are, and help you push through to get stuff done.

Pick 2-3 affirmations that you repeat throughout the day.

I’m sure I’ve butchered the original intent of the mantras (so don’t yell at me), but this works so well as a quick reminder for your focus.

I keep mine short and put them in the I Am app, so I get reminders to say them several times a day.


4. Pick an image to represent your result or goal

Tip #4 for how to get stuff done is to pick an image to represent the outcome you want.

Choose an image that represents the result you’re working toward and that motivates you get stuff done.

Then make a drawing or find one online, print several, and hang them where you will see them often.

My image is a target, because I’m laser-focused on my routines, on my bathroom mirror, in my planner, and on my computer monitor.

Other ideas for images:

  • Butterfly (transformation)
  • Flexed bicep (healthy lifestyle)
  • Mom hugging her kids (to be present)
  • Goal line (finishing a specific goal)


5. Pick a word to represent your goal

Tip #5 for how to get stuff done is to pick a word that represents your goal.

Similar to choosing an image, another great technique is to choose a word that represents your goal.

The word can help to center you back to your goal and re-focus you to get your stuff done, when you feel like going off track.

Write the word on a sticky and put it in all the common places you are in the day – the bathroom, the car, the fridge, your planner, etc.

What is the word that describes who you are working to become?

A few ideas for words are:

  • Present
  • Lean
  • Strong
  • Active
  • Dedicated
  • Self-integrity
50 Ways to Get Stuff Done – Tip 5


6. Rethink your plan. Is there too much, is there enough of the right thing?

Tip #6 for how to get stuff done is to rethink your plan.

Does your plan feel overwhelming? Does it feel too big? Is the plan/to-do list so monstrous that you feel like you can never get it all done?

Look at the plan again with fresh eyes. 

  • Could you remove tasks that are ‘nice to haves’?
  • Could you combine tasks?
  • Do you have all the priorities in there and no fluff?

Revise the plan/list again so it’s more realistic and targeted, and you’ll be able to get your stuff done.


7. Visualize the result you want

Tip #7 for how to get stuff done is to visualize the result you want.

When you first decided to pursue a goal, you probably dreamed about it, even imaging what it would be like to accomplish.

In order to stick to your goals, one tip that almost every high performer and success coach recommends is visualization.

Believe me….before I tried this, I thought it was super hokey and a complete waste of precious time.

But, over time I was desperate for a change in my consistency, daily motivation, in my chaotic brain, and in my inability to be present. I wanted to get my stuff done, and decided to be open-minded to try visualization, to see what could happen.

For visualization, you just wake up in the morning, take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize yourself striving, struggling, and then achieving your goal.

Picture yourself struggling over the journey and crossing the finish line, getting your stuff done. Do this daily.

Here’s a great article with more details on how visualization works, with some specific examples for you – Real Simple Magazine: 3 Easy Visualization Techniques

8. Ask yourself – what do I want to prove most to myself that I can conquer?

Tip #8 for how to get stuff done is to ask yourself what do REALLY WANT to prove to yourself?


  • habit,
  • routine,
  • project,
  • task, or
  • goal

would give you a ton of confidence if you reached it?

Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves that we are capable of accomplishing something, that we CAN get stuff done. Pick something that you would feel REALLY proud to accomplish, maybe something you  have been trying to conquer for awhile, such as lose 5 lbs or start waking up 30 minutes earlier.

Then, work to finish that thing with laser focus. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics anyway, and to do one thing before starting the next.

Before long, you’ll have built up the confidence and trust in yourself for finishing something. You’ll also have progress against your overall list and knowing you can get your stuff done despite being pulled in so many different directions.

9. Read a book or watch a video on the topic to get inspired and clear

Tip #9 for how to get stuff done is to get inspired and clear by learning more on the topic.

If you know your project includes some steps that are new to you, find a book or video and get up-to-speed on the topic.

If you’re feeling stuck and not sure HOW to do something, Google it. It’s almost certain that you’ll find a ton of ideas and tutorials.

PRO TIP: Take action as you go instead of reading/watching it all the way through and then trying to remember what to do.

Or, if you’re feeling stuck, choose a book that will inspire you. One of my favorites is You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero.

Picking a book or video on the topic where you feel stuck will help you feel more confident, especially if you take action as you go, and allow you to push through to get your stuff done.


10. Interview someone who has already done it

Tip #10 for how to get stuff done is to interview someone who has already done it.

Are you unsure of how to reach your goal and feeling paralyzed? Have you talked to someone you know and respect, to ask how they’ve overcome the obstacle you’re facing?

This helps me all the time. I call up (or text) a former work colleague. my coach, or member of my mastermind, tell them where I’m stuck, what stuff I want to get done, and they help explain how they’ve accomplished that goal in the past. This approach requires some vulnerability but is a HUGE motivator and inpsiration to get stuff done.

Call on your tribe and network. They’ll be happy to hear from you and excited to help. Here’s an easy starter question that’s often overlooked: “what did you do to get where you are?”


11. Save a photo as your phone and/or computer background that represents your end result

Tip #11 for how to get stuff done is to save an inspiring photo to your phone and computer background.

To keep your objective top-of-mind, save a picture that represents your end goal to your phone and computer backgrounds. You’ll be reminded and inspired to get stuff done every time you hit that home screen.


12. Identify people who are holding you back and look at limiting or eliminating interaction

Tip #12 for how to get stuff done is to limit/eliminate people in your life who are holding you back.

Do you have people in your life who are weighing you down?

  • dominate the conversation with negativity or
  • constantly question your choices 

Jim Rohn said:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This is a great article on how To Be A Success, Surround Yourself With The Right People (4 Top Tips).

Strongly consider limiting or eliminating interaction with those people who are holding you back. Surround yourself with people you are encouraging and up-lifting, and who will cheer you on to get your stuff done.


13. Find a podcast that inspires you and listen weekly

Tip #13 for how to get stuff done is to find an inspiring podcast.

Search for podcasts on topics that help you build new skills or strengthen your mindset.

Listen when you’re in the car or before bed. It’s amazing how many great resources are out there, on almost every topic.

For example, I love listening to podcast at the gym, I always walk off the treadmill with new ideas that help me get my stuff done.


14. Create a routine that rejuvenates you when you start feeling low energy and a dip in motivation

Tip #14 for how to get stuff done is to create a “rejuvenate-me routine.”

What refreshes you? For me, I used to think it was caffeine, some comfort food, or a nap. Now, I’ve realized it’s the opposite (well the nap IS great once in a while…but the caffeine and junk food fix improve my energy for 20 minutes and then I crash).

Find that thing and make it your go to:

  • Meditate – I use the Headspace app and also this Release Meditation technique by Brendon Burchard
  • Drink a huge glass of water
  • Go on a walk
  • Stretch
  • Journaling
  • Listen to music
  • Read a book
  • Play a game with the kids


15. Take a break

Tip #15 for how to get stuff done is to take a break.

WARNING: only use this technique if you’ve been working on your project or goal and are feeling stuck or overwhelmed. If you haven’t started, you don’t need a break 

So, with that said, if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, lay down your project for a day or a weekend. Do something that refreshes you and clears your mind. Then, come back to it.



16. Give yourself some grace

Tip #16 for how to get stuff done is to give yourself some grace. Take the self-inflicted mental punishment down a few notches.

If you’re like many of us, you focus on what you haven’t accomplished, what you haven’t done, and where you think you have shortcomings. Switch that up in your mind, to give yourself credit (and rewards) for what you HAVE DONE.

This will free up that pressure you’ve created for yourself. Think about all you HAVE ACCOMPLISHED, and how far you’ve come.

  • Do you feed your family every day?
  • Do you have something clean(ish) for them to wear?
  • Are you completing the must-haves at work?

Drop all the ‘I could’ve done more” type thoughts and give yourself credit for what you have done.

17. Change your mindset from “I’m trying” to “I’m doing.”

Tip #17 on how to get stuff done is to shift from “I’m Trying to “I’m doing.”

This is a really interesting observation to make. Listen to yourself speak (including your inner voice) and watch for the times you tell yourself you’re “trying” something. Trying is not committed. Change it to “I’m doing” whatever the thing is.

Shift to ‘I’m doing” even if you don’t believe 100% that you’re capable of doing the thing. The idea is to adjust your thought process to know that you can and will. Don’t give yourself an “out” by saying “I’m trying”. Tell yourself you are doing it and then do it. Making this small tweak to your thinking can help you get that stuff done.


18. Try managing your mind instead of your time

Tip #18 for how to get stuff done is to manage your mind instead of your time.

You can (and should, in my opinion and the opinion of many, many experts on achievement, success, and high performance) schedule out your day and manage the time available.

But there is another component to this too and that’s the mind. Some experts say to manage the mind and not the time. What they mean is to work on identifying the root causes of procrastination, avoiding those hard/scary/out-of-comfort-zone tasks, and pure resistance. Breaking through these thoughts will help you leverage your time more effectively and efficiently in the long run.

Where is your mindset holding YOU back?


19. Have you decided reaching this goal is “hard?”

Tip #19 for how to get stuff done is to check yourself. Have you labeled the goal as “hard?”

I’ve done this before. I label goals as “hard.” It’s a double-edged sword. On one hand, saying something is hard makes it more rewarding to accomplish it. But, at the same time, thinking a goal is “hard”, makes it that much more difficult to achieve. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Switch it up instead. Vow to never label anything as “hard” again. You get to decide.


20. Act as if you’ve already achieved it

Tip #20 for how to get stuff done is to act as if you’ve already achieved it.

One way to push yourself forward toward a goal is to put yourself in the mindset that you’ve already achieved it. This is an inspiring and informative article on how to act “As If — “Mike Robbins: The Law of Attraction: How to Act ‘As If’


21. Embrace failure

Tip #21 for how to get stuff done is to embrace (NOT AVOID) failure.

So many of us never get started because we’re afraid to fail. Yet, somehow we don’t categorize not starting as a failure. 

To me, that’s the only failure there is – not trying.

And really, what’s wrong with failure? It gets such a bad rap. I’ve said to myself 100’s of times in the past “I’ve never failed before, I don’t want to start now.”

But I’ve shifted that 180 degrees in the last few years to 100% embrace failure.

Now, I think, if I don’t fail along the way, I didn’t dream big enough.


22. Stop the inner mean girl

Tip #22 for how to get stuff done is to stop the inner mean girl.

How do you speak to yourself? Do you beat yourself up all day, thinking

  • that you should be doing more,
  • that you should be doing things you are doing better,
  • that you should be a better mom,
  • that you should be a better wife,
  • that you should be a better cook, 
  • that you should be a better employee,
  • and on and on and on….

I heard someone call this “should-ing all over yourself.” (I can’t remember who it was or I would give them credit. This is definitely a funny visual).

Definitely tame this inner mean girl and get her to stop talking. 


23. Identify what’s stopping you

Tip #23 for how to get stuff done is to take a step back and diagnose what’s stopping you.

Ask yourself, “what has been stopping me in the past from achieving this goal or instilling this new habit?”

  • Is it fear of change?
  • Fear of failure?
  • Worrying what others will think of you?
  • Thinking your relationships could change?
  • Feeling like you don’t have enough time?

Figure out what it is (and it might be more than one thing), and then acknowledge it. When you start feeling anxious or resistance, go back to that thing and acknowledge that’s what’s holding you back and keep going.


24. Remove ‘perfect’ from your vocabulary

Tip #24 for how to get stuff done is to stop the perfectionism.

Consider adjusting your approach so that it’s a B- level work and not A+.

Look, I know you’re an over-achiever and this might make you uncomfortable. But, let’s be realistic. Doing A+ level work is a pipe dream given everything on our plates. If you go for A+, you may NEVER get it done. Isn’t your B- work someone else’s A+ anyway? You know you’re a rock star!

Focus on doing the work every day (e.g. 500 words a day for an author) vs. making the work perfect



25. Set up a habit tracker

Tip #25 for how to get stuff done is to set up a habit tracker.

Pick a new habit you want to build and commit to doing it every day for 30 days. It takes a minimum of 30 days to build a new habit. You can do it!

One great way to keep up the momentum and motivation is to use a habit tracker. I’ve written a post that give you  8 Habit Tracker apps, including a few options for your kids to track their habits and chores.

Setting a habit to accomplish each day, and visually seeing the progress against it, will give you HUGE MOMENTUM and you’ll be shocked at how much you get done.

One other idea beyond tracking common habits like water and steps is to track whether you’ve finished your top 3 priorities each day. If so you do this, before long, you’ll notice how you’ve been able to get stuff done. and your list will be shorter!

26. Create a “Daily” bookmark on your internet browser to capture a list of your daily tasks

Tip #26 for how to get stuff done is to make yourself a checklist of daily tasks as your computer bookmarks.

Another way to make sure you’re making daily progress is to create a folder labeled “Daily” in your computer bookmarks.

Then, in that folder, capture all the websites that you need to go to daily to complete your habits and projects. 

For example, my daily folder has links to:

  • Toodledo (my to-do app)
  • LinkedIn (to check my newsfeed, groups and notifications)
  • And the links to several paid membership sites that I belong to for personal and professional training

I check through each of these in the evening, as I plan the next day. It helps me confirm what stuff to get done, and helps me set the stage for a productive day.

27. Stop scrolling (on social media and your phone)

Tip #27 for how to get stuff done is to turn off social media, except for pre-defined times windows.

Have you ever added up how much time you spend scrolling on social media or surfing the web or searching on Pinterest? I’ve tracked it a few times and it’s SCARY. 

I recently found an app called Moment, that will track the time you spend on your phone.

Imagine if you spent the 30-60 minutes you burn on your phone each day working on one of your projects?


28. Identify mindlessness behavior and work to eliminate it

Tip #28 for how to get stuff done is to eliminate mindless behavior.

In addition to your phone, do you spend time during your day on any other activities that don’t match to your goals?

Do you sit down in front of the TV, exhausted, surfing through and watching yet another season of some show you really don’t like anymore?

Take a look at the time you might be able to recapture during your day and reallocate that to something more meaningful to you.


29. Know that the new routine you’re putting in place will be easier after 10 days

Tip #29 for how to get stuff done is to push through a new routine knowing it will get easier after just 10 days.

Our minds are programmed to avoid change. We fight it with almost every fiber of our beings. 

Set expectations with yourself:

  • I know my mind and body will resist this change to my routine (or the work I need to do to advance my project, whatever applies to you)
  • I will be okay with that resistance
  • I will continue anyway without questioning myself or making excuses that keep me in my comfort zone
  • This will get easier after 10 days and will become my new normal after 30 days. Woohoo!

This is kind of like a contract with yourself, to follow-through no matter how much your mind tries to stop you (and it will).


30. Identify and eliminate distractions

Tip #30 for how to get stuff done is to eliminate distractions.

We all think to ourselves “I don’t have time for that.” But, we do have time, it’s just how we allocate and prioritize it that becomes the driver. 

What is distracting you and sucking away your day? Is it:

  • The constant pinging of notifications from social media, email, and other apps?  Turn off the notifications.
  • Checking your email every 10 minutes? Set 1-2 times a day for email and ignore it otherwise. If there’s truly an emergency, someone will call you. Email is not an emergency.
  • Responding to every text as they come in. Respond to texts for the lat 5 minutes of every hour or a few times a day. 
  • Kids begging for you to drop everything to find their missing whatever. Tell them to wait. This is a good lesson to help kids understand instant gratification should not be the norm.


31. Set up triggers

Tip #31 for how to get stuff done is to set up triggers.

Triggers are a great way to quickly reset you and remind you of what you’re trying to accomplish or who you’re growing into. Pick a trigger that will be easy to remember and become second nature.

A few examples of triggers are:

  • A note on your phone or mirror,
  • Motivating music and videos,
  • Affirmations that you state at certain times,
  • An alarm set at a certain time of day, with its own label reminding you of what you’re working to accomplish



32. Break the goal into smaller, more achievable parts

Step #32 for how to get stuff done is to break the goal into smaller, more achievable parts.

Do you have a project that is so daunting, you keep avoiding it? It’s impossible to get stuff done because the full list of actions is so overwhelming?

The project or goal can even grow bigger as you procrastinate. Sometimes I feel like this with budgeting and organizing our finances. 

Instead of feeling like you need to block off an entire day to get your stuff all done (when does that ever happen anyway….one entire day without interruptions?), break the project/goal/list into small steps that take 10-15 minutes a day. 

You might think, this will take forever. But, it will actually take you “forever” if you don’t do it at all.


33. Set your list using the good/better/best concept

Tip #33 for how to get stuff done is to create your to-do list and define your goals using the good/better/best concept.

I LOVE the good/better/best concept, especially as a recovering perfectionist.

The idea is to set your goals, or even your daily to-do list with 3 levels of measurement:

  • Good = This is the bare minimum you’ll accept
  • Better = This is a stretch goal, that you would be so happy to accomplish
  • Best = This is the wild outcome, one that you barely believe you could achieve but would be on cloud  9 if you did.

Try setting your goals and even your daily to-do list with this method. You’ll be shocked at how much stuff you get done, at how far you progress, and how many times you hit the better and even the best.


34. Know your goals might not happen as quickly as you’d like, but know they will if you persist.

Tip #34 for how to get stuff done is to be okay with slower progress, just don’t accept defeat.

You can get your stuff done, just know at this time in life it might all take longer, and that’s okay.

Believe me, I want instant gratification and results. I want my to-do list to be cleared, my business to have replaced my part-time income, those extra pounds to finally be gone, and to be fully present and active with my kids for hours a day.

I haven’t hit all of those yet but I am closer every day.

What goal(s) are you closer to reaching? What do you want to get done that you can accomplish over time? What if you take off the pressure of having the results NOW?


35. Identify 2-3 risks you can take, and take them

Tip #35 for how to get stuff done is to take risks.

What have you been wanting to do but are afraid? Maybe it’s a fear of failure or a fear of what others will think of you?

Write down 2-3 risks you will take and set a deadline for taking them.

Don’t feel like these need to be epic risks. Taking even a small risk will help to build that muscle and bravery for bigger things later.


36. Set 3 priorities for each day – must do

Tip #36 for how to get stuff done is to set 3 must-do priorities for each day.

Write down 3 priorities for your day. This is a list of 3 things you will do no matter what before you go to bed. Then do them.

When you do this every day, it results in you accomplishing 21 IMPORTANT things in the week. How does that sound? That’s some massive progress!


37. Set a bare minimum standard to up-level what you do on auto-pilot

Tip #37 for how to get stuff done is to set a bare minimum standard for yourself.

Similar to your top 3 priorities, it’s also extremely useful to define (on paper) what your bare minimum standards are for each day. You most likely have a bare minimum of brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day. You do that on auto-pilot.

Now, write down all your standards of how you want to show up in the world and with other people and put those into practice. Taking the time to write all this down and put it into practice is an amazing way to up-level what you do automatically each day, on auto-pilot. Here’s a blog article I wrote to give you more details on how to set a bare minimum.


38. Score yourself weekly

Tip #38 for how to get stuff done is to score yourself weekly against your plan for the week.

Set up an end-of-week routine to score yourself against the goals and habits you had planned. 

You can create a simple scoring system by:

  • Setting up your criterion at the beginning of the week.
    • What are the 3 things/areas you will focus on this week?
    • For example:
    • HEALTH: working out at least 4 days for 25 minutes; eating healthfully all 7 days;
    • BUSINESS: finishing 2 steps on a project
    • PARENTING: spend at least 20 dedicated minutes focused on each kid one-on-one
  • Then, on Sunday, give yourself a rating from 1-5 on how you performed against those goals.
  • Spend 5 minutes brainstorming your lessons learned – where did you crush it? where can you improve?

I follow Michael Hyatt’s end of week review system. Here’s an article that explains how it Michael Hyatt: The Importance of the Weekly Review



39. Figure out the next step and do that

Tip #39 for how to get stuff done is to forge ahead one step at a time.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t worry about the full plan and all the steps you need to complete to hit your goal and get your stuff done.

Just think about the very next step and how you’ll finish that. 

This is like hiking up a mountain (or this mile-long incline in Colorado near my house).  If you look all the way to the top, it feels so OVERWHELMING. But, if you just take one step at a time and make steady progress, you’ll be there sooner than you thought you would. 


40. Eliminate (or at least cut back) on multi-tasking

Tip #40 for how to get stuff done is to eliminate multi-tasking.

Believe me – this isn’t easy to write as a recovering multi-tasker. So many of us pride ourselves in our ability to multi-task, but study after study have concluded that it’s just not effective.

Multi-tasking and context-switching dilutes your focus. This is a really interesting video on the dilution caused when you multi-task and switch back and forth between projects and focuses. The video by Tim Francis and Todd Herman called The Real Cost of Context Switching focuses on entrepreneurs but it applies to everyone. Please listen in that frame of mind.


41. Increase intentional living – start with your schedule

Tip #41 for how to get stuff done is to set an intentional schedule.

Set your day’s schedule the night before. Schedule your meetings, appointments, activities, and your to-do list (at least the top 3 priorities). Include family time and quality 1:1 time with each family member in there too. This isn’t a gauntlet we’re building here. 

Then, treat the schedule as a checklist. Go through your day as scheduled, checking off each planned item as you go.

And boom, you will build up the trust in yourself along the way that you are someone who follows through on your commitments to yourself.

Yes, things happen and schedules change. That’s real. Be sure to differentiate between must-have schedule changes and you changing the schedule because of procrastination or wanting to avoid doing something.


42. Celebrate the small wins

Tip #42 to get stuff done is to celebrate your wins.

Oh my gosh, I will admit to you that I’m so bad at this! My life coach always asks me what I will do to celebrate when I’ve had a win. I NEVER have an answer. I can’t even think of something beyond getting a pedicure. 

But rewarding yourself and celebrating is key. Some ideas for celebrations (for you and for me too):

  • Get a pedicure (and throw in a manicure too!)
  • Get a massage
  • Coffee with a friend
  • Sign yourself for a subscription box like StitchFix or Fabeletics
  • An extra date night
  • A night away by yourself
  • A night away with your hubby
  • Something you’ve been wanting to buy but it felt frivolous
  • Take a day off
  • Take a nap
  • Watch some netflix
  • Go on a mini-vacation
  • Go on a big vacation
  • Go on a staycation
  • Do something you enjoy but rarely have time to do.
  • Send a thank you note to the people who helped you (yes, I mean a physical note)
  • Go to a conference 
  • Buy a course you’ve been wanting to take, something that takes you to the next level beyond what you just accomplished


43. Find an accountability partner

Tip #43 for how to get stuff done is to find an accountability partner.

Find an accountability partner, either someone who is working toward a similar goal as yours or someone you know is trust-worthy and will follow through, and encourage you to also.

You can set up the structure that will work best for you – for communication method and frequency.

I have several accountability partners and groups right now for different purposes. Here’s how they work as an example for you:

  • 1:1 accountability partner (daily in FB messenger)
    • AM – send top 3 actions for the day;
    • touch base if feeling stuck or have a win;
    • PM – report final actions
  • Group of 4 partners, including myself (WhatsApp group text)
    • Sundays – send goals for the week;
    • Reach out if feeling stuck during week 
    • Saturdays – report results for week
  • 1:1 accountability partner (bi-weekly zoom video conference)
    • Sundays – discuss results for past 2 weeks and 
    • Discuss goals for the next 2 weeks 


44. Balance learning vs. doing

Tip #44 for how to get stuff done is to make sure you’re doing the work as you learn, and not just passively learning.

Have you fallen into the trap of setting a goal to try something NEW TO YOU but you spend all your time reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and googling as much information as you can? You feel like you need to learn everything before you try it?

I may or may not be describing something I’ve done before…

ALERT – Focusing on learning, researching, googling endlessly and feeling like you need to be an expert…..all of this is a way to avoid getting out of your comfort zone.

Now, I’m not saying just to jump into something new without education. I’m saying DO IT AS YOU LEARN. Learn something, do it, learn more, do that, and so on.


45. Call a supportive friend

Tip #45 for how to get stuff done is to call a supportive friend.’

When you’re stuck, call a supportive friend. Tell them what you’re trying to accomplish and why. Tell them that you’re feeling stuck and be honest as to why you’re feeling stuck. Let them give you some perspective, encouragement and guidance.


46. Hire a coach

Tip #45, hire a coach (like me).

I’ve had various coaches (personal and business) for the last 2 years. I have been blown away. I never knew coaching was a “thing” until I stumbled upon one. 

I can’t imagine where I’d be today without these coaches. They’ve helped me:

  • Clarify my goals, dreams and passions
  • Create roadmaps and plans to get where I want to go
  • Figure out how to create more balance in my life, to carve out time for my responsibilities, my goal-getting, and my family
  • Overcome crazy mindset blocks that I didn’t even realize were holding me back
  • Helping me recognize skills and abilities I have and don’t even realize
  • Pulling out ideas I had percolating, skills and abilities I was  under the surface, and 
  • Encouraging me to GO FOR IT

And while we’re on the topic — I’ve had such an amazing experience with my coaches and mentored 100’s of people while I worked in corporate America (and loved seeing people grow, advance, and flourish).

These experiences helped me to identify my own passion – coaching other moms to work through transitions in their life. 

If this is you –

  • you want to shift from working full-time to part-time,
  • you want to shift from working to building your own business
  • you want to return to work after a break
  • you are struggling to make progress toward your goals

I’d love to talk to you about your goals and help you build an action plan. This mini session is free and a great way to help you jump-start your goal. At the end (last 5 minutes), if we are a good fit to work together, I’ll tell you a little more about my coaching packages and we’ll discuss options to work together. I give you this detail because I want you to know my focus is on meeting you, hearing your challenges, helping you to build a plan. If we’re a good fit to work together, that’s fabulous. If not, that’s fabulous too….either way you’ll have a plan in place to move forward.

You can click on this link to schedule the free 30 minute min session.

Schedule a Mini Session to Build an Action Plan


47. Set a time (a day, a week, 2 weeks or a month) to take massive action. Think reckless abandon.

Tip #47 for how to get stuff done is to schedule time for massive action.

Pick a day or a even a month when you can take massive action toward your goal. Use this period to accelerate what you’re working to accomplish, and to show yourself you can generate results. 

This ‘massive action’ will also help you push through that need to be ‘perfect’. Forget perfect. Make yourself a massive list, block off chunks of time, and make it happpen!

You’ll be shocked at how much you will achieve.

For example, I had a goal of upgrading my website on my list for months. I kept looking at the project thinking about how much work it would be and how it would take me 3 months to complete. I really didn’t want to detail with it and kept making excuses as to why it wasn’t important.

Then, my business coach challenged me to finish this project in just one month. At first, I thought it was impossible but I remembered not to think anything is “hard” (tip #22).

I decided to go for it.

I made it happen!

  • I was creative finding time and making efficient use of that time.
  • I streamlined my plan. No need for bells and whistles.
  • I pushed forward whenever I felt the tendency to perfect, re-do and overthink.

Boom! A new website was up and running. If I hadn’t taken on the mindset of massive imperfect action, I have no doubt that project would still be on my list, not even started.


48. Create a countdown timer

Tip #48 for how to get stuff done is to set timers.

I love this method! (well, I love all of them actually, but this is really fantastic).

Create a countdown for yourself. 

  • Do you want to finish something by the end of the month?
  • Do you have a holiday or birthday coming up?
  • Are you going on a vacation soon and have a list to finish before you go?

Find something you can create into a deadline and drive yourself to a sense of urgency. Do a little each day to get it all done before the date you picked.

I ALWAYS have this type of date set for my work and it’s never more than 90 days away.

A tool to use, to make this approach even more effective is to create a countdown. You can use

  • sticky note countdown – one for each day
  • Use a countdown app on your phone. I like Countdown Star.


49. Knock out something that’s weighing you down

Tip #49 for how to get stuff done is to complete something that’s been weighing you down, even if it’s not that high in priority.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she said she was feeling overwhelmed  by her daughter, the summer schedule, some personal projects, and all the house stuff piling up.

I asked her, “what is one thing that bothers you every day that weighs you down? For example, is your mud room a mess and it bothers you every time you come in the house?”

She said “yes, the mud room is a definitely weighs” her down.

She spent 30 minutes cleaning it up and feels so much better. 

In the grand scheme of things, the messy mud room (or whatever your thing is) doesn’t really matter. But, if it weighs on your mind every day and makes you feel even more overwhelmed, spend the time to knock it out.


50. What’s the one thing you can do today to get closer to reaching the goal?

Tip #50 for how to get stuff done is to do something TODAY.

I said pick the one think you can do today, not tomorrow, to advance toward your goal.

Write out the one thing you will do today, and do that. It can be small and it can even be miniscule, but it needs to be something and it needs to be today and every day going forward.

Drop me a note in the comments to let me know what your one thing is and I’ll check back with you in the comments later, to see if you did it. The beginning of action and accountability! Let’s go!


So that’s it, the 50 tips to get stuff done.

These tips will serve you for different purposes and different situations. I encourage you to download the checklist so you can pull out the strategy you need, as you need it. The box to download is below.

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