5 Steps to Build a Daily Job Search Routine that Generates a Flurry of Interviews and Offers

job search routines Jul 09, 2019

Do you notice that you're not making as much progress on your job search as you would like? You find time to apply to a few jobs but are constantly pushing out other action items like networking, customizing cover letters, and the other tasks that you dread?

Setting up a repeatable routine is the key.

A job search routine will keep you in consistent action and help you overcome the resistance and procrastination that prevents you from making daily progress that quickly compounds over time.

If you already have a routine, check this list to see if you’re missing any steps.

If not, use this list as your daily routine.

Treat your checklist and take these actions daily. It will help you GENERATE A FLURRY OF INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS:

1️⃣ Create your daily checklist and ensure it has depth and breadth.

TIP: Be sure to include the value-add activities that you might not feel like doing (e.g. networking).

Example activities:

  • Find 15 jobs to apply to (online, LinkedIn, corporate websites)
  • Tailor resumes to all jobs on today’s list
  • Tailor cover letters to all jobs on today’s list
  • Research 5 LI connections
  • Conduct 5 networking calls/events
  • Complete journaling for the day

2️⃣ Set up your checklist in a habit tracker app like Way of Life or in a simple spreadsheet.

3️⃣ Schedule your work.

Estimate the amount of time each task on your daily list.

Schedule the tasks into your calendar.

TIP: do the work as early in the day as possible, when your willpower and brain power are highest.

4️⃣ Create your techniques to beat procrastination.

I use something called an “urge jar.” When I’m not in the mood to do a task or to complete an item on my schedule, I remind myself that I’m committed to honoring my self-commitments and I push through. I reward myself by putting a small glass bead in my urge jar.

Answer for yourself, what is driving you to complete your daily task list, and to find a new job?

How can you reward yourself, similar to my urge jar?

5️⃣ Strengthen your mental game. Spend time each day examining your mindset. How are your thought processes supporting you and how is your brain holding you back? Get clear on where you're lacking confidence, not fully committed, and avoiding the comfortable and adjust from there.

Ask yourself these questions and journal out the answers:

  • How have I shown myself I’m committed to accomplishing my goal in the last 24 hours?
  • What is holding me back from achieving my current goal?
  • Where do I feel I don’t have control over my own outcomes? How can I take back control?
  • What is the predominate feeling I’ve had in the last 24 hours?
  • Is that feeling serving me?
  • What thoughts created that feeling?
  • What is the predominate feeling I want to generate today?
  • What can I think on purpose today to generate the feelings I want to have?

TIP: It might seem like an investment to do this daily but ignore that voice that says you don’t have time for this. Set aside 15-20 minutes each day to do this work, it WILL pay off.

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