Is It Possible To Find Your Purpose?

Do you think about this too?

I used to think this all the time - if I could just find my passion, I would feel so much more fulfilled, vibrant, and motivated.

I hear this from my clients too. They say things like:

  • My work has no meaning, I want to find my purpose.
  • This job isn't contributing anything beyond profits for my company, I really want to quit so I can find my greater purpose and pursue that.
  • I need to find my purpose so I can make a difference.

Can you relate to any of these thoughts?

Like I said, I've had these thoughts too. 

Is it possible to find a purpose?

When we say we want to "find our purpose", it's as if the purpose is something external to us. Like the purpose is laying out on the street somewhere and all we need to do is to stumble upon it.

That is not possible.

We don't run across the purpose one day when we're lucky.

A purpose isn't a thing.

A purpose is a feeling. 

  • I feel purposeful.
  • I feel passionate.
  • I feel fulfilled.

And, the way to feel these feelings is through your thoughts.

The good news, you don't have to quit your job or join 14 volunteer organizations. You can shift your thinking to achieve the feelings you crave.

If you want to feel purposeful, passionate, and fulfilled, what do you need to be thinking about your job and your life?

Here are some examples that I use:

  • My purpose isn't what I do,my purpose is who I am being.
  • My purpose is how I help others in small and big ways, not my job title.

 Questions to ask yourself

How can you find that sentence that makes you feel purposeful and fulfilled?

The process is to ask yourself question after question until you find what you really love, without the constraint of - is this realistic and am I good enough at this?

  1. What are my top priorities in life?
  2. Why?
  3. What holds me back from spending more time on those priorities?
  4. How is that obstacle (from question #3) not true or real?
  5. What can I do with my time that is a true priority to me?
  6. How can I eliminate these obstacles so I can pursue my priorities?
  7. How can I work around these obstacles so I can pursue my priorities?
  8. Why do I think my work needs to create a sense of purpose for me?
  9. How can I find a sense of purpose in my existing job?
  10. How can I find my meaning and purpose outside of my work?

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