Job Hunting After You've Been With a Company Over 10 Years

job search tips Aug 04, 2020


Recovering from being let go after 13 years of loyalty

My client “Jane” was in shock. She had been pushed out of her company after more than 13 years and glowing annual reviews.

The company wanted to go a different direction.

They told her how valuable she had been to the growth of the company, but that the upcoming work didn’t fit her skill set.

Similar to being dumped by a boyfriend you had planned to break up with

She had been wanting to leave for awhile, yet was so angry she let them make the decision for her.

That now she wasn’t leaving on her own terms.

It’s like being broken up with a boyfriend that you were planning to dump. Suddenly you want him back, you want him to like you. 

Jane was in a similar situation.

She knew the time to move onto a new company was overdue but she also felt the sting of rejection and the questions of whether or not she could make it anywhere else.

She reached out for my help.

We put a plan in place for her. 

The approach to recover and regain her career

  1. We worked through my Career Clarity process so she knew exactly what she wanted to do (and what she didn’t want), and she was basing her direction off her true passion (vs. what she felt she “should do” or where she had already invested her time in but didn’t really love)
  2. Then we updated her Branding and Positioning so it was clear how her background and experience matched exactly what she was targeting
  3. Next, we dug into her interviews, getting comfortable with “why did you leave your last job” and addressing the self-doubt she had about taking her career in a slightly different direction
  4. And finally, we continued to improve her interviews until she landed a new role!

The result?

She’s regained her motivation and excitement for the work she loves to do

She took the leap from a small to a larger, public company.

She pivoted her career path from one she no longer felt challenged by, into something new and exciting.

If you can relate to Jane’s story, and you’re ready to start learning how you can leave those feelings of rejection behind and land your dream job, please click here to schedule a Job Search Strategy call with me. We'll dive into your specific situation and discuss whether or not coaching is a good fit for you.

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