Not enough time for your job search?

job search routine time Jul 29, 2020

Not enough time for your job search?


"I don't have enough time for my job search."

I hear this from almost every job seeker at some point, even those who are unemployed.

They say things like:

◾ "I can't fit all of this in."

◾ "It takes forever to apply to just one role."

Here's a great example.

I had a client tell me there's no way she could fit in a job search on top of all of her other responsibilities (her existing job, her family, etc.)

She was trying to carve out 5am to 7am to work on the job search but was often too tired to get up early, or to focus when she did.

The result was that she never had any time to work on her search.

Here's how we fixed it for her.

We looked at her routine and realized she could easily break it into 15 to 20 minute increments, and those would fit in throughout her day. Then, she could finish up the rest of the work after dinner for an hour.

She ended up finding 4 hours a day to work on her job search, without needing to wake up at the crack of dawn.

She went from feeling helpless to executing her search in a surgical way, focused on the steps that were most impactful and not trying to overdo anything.

6 steps to fix the “not enough time” issue

Concluding "there isn't enough time" leads to you not finding and using the time you do have. 

 Here are the 6 steps to get out of this “not enough time” cycle:

  1. Be aware. Notice yourself trying to prove it's true that you don't have enough time. 
  2. Flip it. Ask, where do I have just enough time to make it count?
  3. Schedule the time you find very specifically, with the exact outcome you plan to accomplish in that window (e.g. contact John Doe, Jane Doe, and Sally Smith to set up a 20 minute networking call with each of them)
  4. Do the thing you planned when you planned it. This is usually where things break down. Most people don’t want to do the thing we’ve planned and so we try to avoid or delay it. We  negotiate with ourselves. We allow other priorities to take over, even when they’re not true emergencies.
  5. Promise yourself you’re going to keep your word and do the thing you planned even if you’re not in the “mood.”
  6. Helping my clients maximize the effectiveness of their job search is one of the things we work on in my 1:1 coaching program for tech leaders who have suffered a career setback. If you’re interested in learning more about working with me privately, please click here to apply for a Job Search Strategy call.

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