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Most job searches are missing this critical step

Most job searches are missing this critical step

I notice most job seekers forget to include one critical step in their daily job search routine.

What is it? → They didn’t make a plan b.

By plan b, I don’t mean the job they’re going to settle on taking.

No, by plan b I mean planning for things to go wrong in the job search.

Most people plan the positive path…the daily steps they’ll take until they land the job.

Most job seekers are missing a Plan B, but it's not what you may think

Most people don’t account for how they’re going to handle the job search setbacks.

They don’t anticipate the search will be ups and downs, not a straight line.

So, when the inevitable setbacks come, like:

  • Being ghosted by a hiring manager when they expected an offer
  • Getting a “Dear John” response to an application (even when they had an employee referral) or
  • Networking contacts that don’t reply back

...their motivation plummets and self-doubt starts to multiply.

They procrastinate and second guess.

NOW, this is when they need that plan B already in place, ready to go.

If you don’t have a plan B yet, make one now, to help you maintain your motivation and consistency.

The 3 Elements of an Effective Plan B

Here are the 3 elements in a job search plan B:

1. Create a list of possible obstacles that could get in your way. For example, you can expect to lose motivation when you haven’t booked an interview in over a week.

2. Decide in advance how you’ll handle each obstacle if/when it arises. How will you decide that what you’re doing isn’t working and you need to adjust?

  • This is objective, measurable and defined in advance.
  • Example: If, after consistently applying for two weeks,  I haven’t booked at least one interview per week, I will reassess.

3. Schedule a weekly check-in with yourself. Look at your results and determine if it’s time to trigger plan b.

The Benefits of a Plan B

So now, when you hit an obstacle with your job search, you’ll be anticipating it. 

You won’t make it mean anything about whether or not you’ll be successful in landing a new role.

You will have a plan re: exactly how you’re going to re-group and keep moving toward your ultimate goal…..landing a dream job you can’t wait to accept.

One Way To Find Your Plan B

Helping my clients come up with a much-needed ‘plan b’ is one of the things we work on in my 1:1 coaching program for tech leaders who have suffered a career setback.

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