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The 6 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job

Have you been thinking it's time to leave your job?

But you're not sure?

You don't want to stay too long and stagnate.

You might really want to remove yourself from a toxic situation.

But, you're hesitating.

Is it time to make a move?

You might be wondering, will the problems follow you to the next job?

If you’re considering a job change, here's a process to clarify your decision and make it from a "clean place."


First, list out all your reasons for leaving. 

Then, look at your reasons. Ask yourself these 7 questions:

1️⃣ Why do you want to leave? Be honest with yourself.

TIP: ask yourself why. Answer that. Then ask why that answer matters. Answer that. Keep repeating this process at least 7 times to go down into the layers of your mind.

2️⃣ Have you taken all the steps to maximize your opportunity in your current role?

3️⃣ Are you thinking a change will fix the way you feel at work? Are you wanting to stop feeling bad (e.g. anxious, stressed, resentful)?

4️⃣ Do you know that the new company/job will most likely have similar issues that you’ll manage against? Or, perhaps even more challenging issues? What are your thoughts about this?

5️⃣ What would the version of you who has already found the best solution advise his/herself? 

6️⃣ Have you taken full responsibility over your career results? What areas are you blaming other people where you could take more (or all of the) ownership?

7️⃣ And finally, after answering questions 1-6, do you like your reasons? Don’t leave your current job until you like your reasons. Otherwise, many of the issues will follow you to the next job.

Do you like your reasons?

You could be in a good place to leave if your reasons fall into themes such as:

✅ I’ve maximized all the opportunity here, including proposing alternatives to my manager about ways I can learn, grow, and achieve my career goals.

✅ Even though my peers, co-workers, boss, CEO, etc are frustrating me, I know that there are frustrating people everywhere. This isn’t a driver for my choice. I am ready for the next step.


Or, are you thinking things like:

❌ I'll never succeed in this culture or with this boss.

❌ I need to find a less toxic culture.

❌ I need to find a company with more competent, engaged, supportive leadership.


Look at your reasons again, do you believe at your core that you've given it your all? Or, is there opportunity left to grow into a person who can handle difficult situations?


When making your decision:

1️⃣ Make the decision as your future self. The one who has either conquered the challenges at your current job OR the one who has landed a new job and is successfully managing through the challenges and opportunities there.

2️⃣ You like you reasons. Are you avoiding and fleeing a challenging situation, and possibly an opportunity for growth? Or, are you choosing to leave from a position of strength?

Ultimately, only you will know the answer. Trust yourself.



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