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Is Your Job Search a Waste of Time?

Does this sound like you too - a job search black hole?

I was talking to a potential client the other day and he told me how frustrating the search has been for him.

He's spending hours finding jobs to apply to, networking, customizing his resume, writing cover letters, and following up. 

He isn't getting responses.

The Job Search Is a Waste of Time

He's aggravated the process is so inefficient and never seems to lead the best candidate being hired (or even interviewed).

He's consumed with this frustration.

Everything he does in his day has this undercurrent.....that he's wasting his time.

That this job search process should be different.

That this job search process should be more humane.

That this job search process should be more effective and efficient.

He still applies, he still networks, he still finds roles he'd love to land.

But, his frustration makes it all take so much longer and degrades the quality of his work.

The Should-Bes are Killing Your Search

I've found with other clients in this situation, that as soon as they stop all of these "should bes", they unleash their creativity and the quality of their work explodes. 

They get creative going around the system to uncover opportunities and land interviews.

They’re so much faster with their job search routine, and can pump out a lot more, and higher quality deliverables

How to Fix Your Search To Land Interviews and Offers

Here's the remedy if you're making this mistake:

Notice when you think something is a waste of time and either decide (1) you're not going to do that task anymore or (2) keep doing the task but stop wasting time thinking it's a waste of time. :)

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