The ONE action left to take this year (if you want to set up 2020 for success)

2020 year end Dec 31, 2019

The typical goal-setting advice is missing a key element

Have you been inundated with emails on and social media posts on how to set goals for 2020?

I have too.

The advice I see all over is missing a key component.

The year is almost over (or has finished up, depending on when you're reading this), and there's one year-end wrap-up item that most people don't think to do.

Please don't skip this step (it takes 30 minutes & will set you up for success in 2020)

Have you done a year-end assessment for yourself?

Does that sound painful - you just want to forget all about last year and start fresh?

Or, does it sound boring - you just want to embrace the newness of a new year?

The year-end assessment is the most powerful tool you can use to set yourself up for success in the coming year.

Yet, most of us skip it.

And, the one reason people avoid an end of year assessment is because they don't want to feel bad.

❌ They don't want to feel regret for what they didn't do.

❌ They don't want to feel disappointed for what they didn't accomplish.

❌ They don't want to feel overwhelmed by everything as they start the new year.

So, they skip one of the most important steps for year end.


This process doesn't have to feel can be liberating!

The year-end evaluation doesn't have to feel bad. It can feel GREAT, even if you didn't accomplish everything you wanted to.

I'll show you how to spend 30 minutes on your year-end review without feeling bad, so you can set yourself up for an amazing 2020.


The End of Year Assessment Process

Do you want this next year to be different? Better?

It can be.

But, it will take some intentional effort to make that happen.

It can be the best year yet, with some specific intentional effort.



Here's the 3-step year-end evaluation process:

Grab a cup of coffee and a journal.

Here are the 3 steps to evaluate your past year and set yourself up for an amazing, successful, fulfilled 2020:


1) What Went Well This Past Year?

Most of us like to skip directly to what we want to improve, change and do better. Starting off with what we can "fix" prevents us from accessing our highest brain power.

So, be sure to start off with this question to get yourself into a productive head space. 

List it all out.

This is your accomplishment log.

Give yourself credit for all of your accomplishments, wins, and the progress you made.

Think about all areas of your life as you do this:

  1. Family
  2. Career
  3. Marriage
  4. Friends
  5. Financial
  6. Health
  7. Spirituality
  8. Personal Development & Growth

And as a side note: the career category can be a great jump-start for updating your resume and LinkedIn profile.


2) What Didn't Go Well This Year?

Next, ask yourself what didn't go well this past year.

Don't judge or beat yourself up over it.

Go back to the 8 areas of life and write out

  • what didn't go as planned,
  • what didn't go well,
  • what you didn't finish,
  • what did you plan to start but didn't,
  • what did you complete but it didn't have the intended results?

Again, the goal is to look at this impartially, as an input for your 2020 planning.

Think of it as math, not emotions. There's no judgement in this process. There's just facts that you'll build from for 2020.


3) What Will You Do Differently?

Use lists #1 and #2 to write out want to do differently in the coming year.

Brainstorm out:

  • Where do you want to put more attention?
  • What do you want to adjust based on what didn't go well?
  • How will you adjust your approach (even by 1%) to get more of the results you want?
  • Think about the ABCDE method. Using your learnings from 2020, categorize out your lists into 5 buckets:

✅ Amplify

✅ Begin

✅ Continue

✅ Decrease

✅ Eliminate



The Bottom Line

If you like to skip to the end (like I do), here's the basics of what we just discussed.

One of the most important steps to set up 2020 for success (that most people overlook) is to assess this past year, to figure out what went well, what didn't go well and what you want to do differently for this next year.

Most people avoid this because it feels bad - regretful, disappointing, incomplete, and overwhelming.

If you notice the negative emotions and do it anyway, the year-end exercise is so powerful. 

This process gives you the exact roadmap for the next year, and helps you to build on everything you DID accomplish this past year. 

The 3 steps are:

1) What Went Well This Past Year?

2) What Didn't Go Well This Year? (no judging/criticizing yourself allowed)

3) What Will You Do Differently? 

From your lists, map out your 2020 plan by using the ABCDE method:

✅ Amplify

✅ Begin

✅ Continue

✅ Decrease

✅ Eliminate

It's so worth it!


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