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Through my 1:1 coaching program, I help you land your dream job faster and for more compensation that you would working on your own.

In our coaching, we work together to:

  • Execute the exact steps to find and land interviews at the jobs that you can't wait to dive into,
  • Implement all the shortcuts so the search doesn't become a full-time job,
  • Overcome the procrastination, doubt, and overwhelm slowing you down, and
  • Ultimately land the job you truly want, for the compensation you deserve.
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I've shared real client case studies with you below. Confidentiality is core to what I do. I haven't included any names or identifying details. I hope you'll share my excitement about the results they achieved while working with me.

Case Study #1: He Landed His Dream Job In Record Time and for 23% More Than His Target Comp.


My client was working in a toxic work environment. 

Even though he was making a lot of money, he was miserable, unfulfilled, and landing his dream job felt impossible and out of reach.

.On top of it, he hadn't proactively looked for a job in YEARS because the jobs had always found him in the past.

He didn't know where to start.









We put a rapid job search process in place, using all the most effective techniques and avoiding those that most people use but are time-wasters.

We worked on his confidence and openness to that perfect job being out there.

Then, he started landing interviews.

And the first offer came. It wasn't ideal, and even though he was tempted to take it to escape his current company, he paused.

Good thing he didn't take that first offer.

Within a week, he had a second offer and it was exactly what he was looking for, both the role and the company.

We were able to maneuver the process to get an offer for that job too!

And, both offers were 23% above his target compensation.

This is what it's all about!

Case Study #2: She Left a Comfortable Job for a Dream Job


My client had an incredible job, one that most people would envy.

She was conflicted. 

Her job was amazing on paper.

She loved her team and had a strong sense of loyalty keeping her where she was.

But, she had been there for years and was feeling unfulfilled and stagnant. She also wanted to slow the travel for more family time.

She felt confused, unsure, and that she might be crazy for wanting to leave.


During our time working together, my client was able to gain clarity on exactly what she wanted, why she wanted it, and how to get it.

She took the leap and landed her dream job, with less travel doing work that inspires her.

She left the comfortable for the extraordinary.

Now, we're working to refresh her self-identity. The old identity was wrapped around the prestige of her company. Now, she gets to create a new version of herself.


Case Study #3: Recovered from a Career Setback & Landed a Job At The Company She's Always Wanted To Work For


My client unexpectedly lost her job. 

She was feeling angry, betrayed, and confused. 

She wasn't sure how to approach a job search. She hadn't looked for a new job in 10+ years, as the jobs always came to her.

Plus, she had no idea how she would explain what just happened at the job she just left.





We worked together to pinpoint exactly what was holding her back in networking and interviews.

We also developed a clear explanation for why she left her last position, one that was easy and simple for her to articulate.

She received 2 job offers and was able to choose and negotiate between them.

She's now working exactly where she wanted to work and never thought it would be possible.

And, we finished out our coaching by creating a 1st 90 day success plan which set her up for a strong foundation in her first year (but I'll stop there, that could be another case study).

Case Study #4: Landed a Promotion Through His Job Search


My client had worked at the same company for 20 years and knew it was (past) time for a change.

He wanted a leadership position (VP level) but had never managed a large team and was concerned he wouldn't be able to come in from the outside and lead effectively.

He also wasn't sure how to pursue a job search for a role without a track record.

He wondered if it was possible to get promoted through a job search.

Or, would he be stuck at his current company forever waiting for them to reward him?


We worked together to create an executive-appropriate job search approach and strategic, leadership-focused interview strategy.

And, he landed a VP role managing a team of 20!

We also created a 90-day success plan for him, so that he was able to establish credibility, influence, and build key relationships starting on day 1.





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