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I've shared real client case studies with you below. For privacy, I haven't included any names or identifying details. I hope you'll share my excitement to see how coaching can truly help someone accelerate their results, uncover the blind spots they've been missing, gain a fresh perspective and ultimately achieve their big goals.

Leave a Comfortable Job for a Dream Job

BEFOREMy client had an incredible job, one that most people would envy. But, she had been there for several years and was starting to feel unfulfilled. She also wanted to slow the travel for more family time.

She was conflicted. The job was amazing on paper and she felt confused, unsure, and a bit crazy that she wanted to leave.

COACHINGWhile most people look at the pros and cons, we took a different approach to her decision. We asked "what if both options turn out exactly as you want them to, what would you do?"

We stripped back the "shoulds" that were holding her back from doing what she really wanted.

We dug in until we found exactly what she wanted and why she wanted it.

AFTERMy client took the leap and has now landed her dream job. She left the comfortable for the extraordinary.

Now, we're working to refresh her self-identity. The old identity was wrapped around the prestige of her company. Now, she gets to create a new version of herself.

Recover from a Career Setback from a Position of Strength

BEFORE: My client unexpectedly lost her job. She was feeling angry, betrayed, and confused. She wasn't sure how to approach a job search. She hadn't looked for a new job in 10+ years, as the jobs always came to her. Plus, she had no idea how she would explain what just happened at the job she just left.

COACHING: We worked together to pinpoint exactly what was holding her back in networking and interviews.

It wasn't what she thought - irreparable damage from her previous employer. 

She was able to shift into a confident and capable interviewer by uncovering the thoughts that were holding her back and replacing them with new, productive thoughts that got her into a position of strength going into the interviews.

AFTERMy client received 2 job offers and was able to choose and negotiate between them.

She's now working exactly where she wanted to work and never thought it would be possible. And, we're working to set her up for a strong foundation in her first year (but I'll stop there, that could be another case study).

Get Promoted

BEFORE: My client was feeling that her work was taking advantage of her.  Even though she had a competitive salary, was the go-to person for the mission-critical projects, and was training the rest of the team, she often felt that she wasn't fully respected.

COACHINGFor this client, we've uncovered the imposter syndrome that was holding her back. She realized that there would never be enough accolades, compensation, or responsibility to make her feel worthy. We worked together on generating her confidence from herself, not from external sources.

AFTERMy client was able to build her case for a promotion and raise, and approached the process calmly and logically.

She didn't feel the desperation and disregard that she'd felt in previous negotiations.

She didn't jump to her typical defensive mode when she wasn't getting all she asked for in the process.

She was promoted and received an out-of-cycle raise. She is ready to take her work to the next level without questioning whether or not the raise or title are enough. The distractions are gone and she can focus again.

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