You Have a Call With A Potential Consulting Client. Now What?


How do you structure the call?

How do you make the most of their time?

How do you get their attention, to want to hear more about how you can help them?

How can you ensure the conversation continues?

How can you avoid feeling awkward and insecure?

I've created a guide to walk you through all-you-need-to-know about your 1st call with a consulting prospect.


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Not sure what to say on the 1st call with a consulting prospect?

You've found a potential consulting prospect but you're not sure what to say, to break the ice?

Selling feels awkward to you?

You're worried because you don't want to "waste" this opportunity by making a mistake on the 1st call?


Download the PDF to learn:

  • 4 mistakes to avoid on calls with your consulting prospects
  • 11 go-to questions to ask on this 1st call
  • The 5-part formula to guide that first call, and ensure you've qualified the prospect and the call leads to a real opportunity

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Receive the 1st Call Gameplan PDF, so you know exactly how to effectively gain the attention of your ideal client and are able to move the process forward.

Know the 4 Mistakes To Avoid on Your 1st Call with a Prospect

Most consultants make these 4 mistakes when they're talking to a prospective client for the first time. Make sure you know what they are so you can avoid them.

Uncover 11 of the Most Effective Questions for Your First Call

One of the keys to an effective 1st call is asking great questions (and listening to the answers). Get this list of 11 great questions to use as a starting point for your call prep.


Learn the 5-Part Formula to Follow, To Advance the Conversation to the Next Step

Make sure you have the go-to formula you can use to guide your 1st call, and advance the prospect into the next step of your process