Need more consulting clients?


  • Tired of settling for clients who you don't really want to work with (for less than you're worth?)
  • You want to attract clients you're excited to work with, doing the type of work you love?
  • Not sure where to start?


Download this workbook, to get crystal clear on your ideal consulting client, to attract clients you can't wait to work with, and stop settling for the clients you don't want.


The Ideal Client Clarity Process for Independent Consultants

A unique workbook to help you get the clarity you need

When You're Clear, You Maximize Your Precious Business Development Time

Don't waste time talking to everyone (which is really talking to no one). Get clear on exactly which clients you want to attract, so they are clear you're the go-to person to solve their problems.

Stop Settling for Clients You Don't Want to Work With

When you know who your ideal client is, and how to attract them, you won't feel stuck taking whatever client offers you a role


10 Page Step-By-Step Workbook  Walks You Through the Process to Get Crystal Clear

Know exactly who you want to work with and why. Avoid the "shoulds" and "coulds", to ensure you build a business model where you're valued, fulfilled and thriving