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More income. More Impact. More Flexibility.


Implement this 12-month planning process designed specifically for the Independent Consultant.

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Transform your consulting business into a predictable, repeatable engine.

Do you know what types of goals are best to set as an Independent Consultant?


If you’re like most independent consultants, you

  • Don't have time to sit down to think about your business, and to make a longer term plan.
  • And, even if you did have the time, it feels like a waste because you feel like you don't control whether or not you achieve the goals anyway.


So, you either end up repeating the same results year after year.

Or, you hit the independent consultant's roller coaster, with the high highs and low lows it brings to you and your business.


You're thinking there has to be a better way to run your business.

Where you feel much more stable and in control of your income and your schedule, and where you feel valued and fulfilled.


This is why I created the yearly business plan for Independent Consultants.


Download the template now to 

  • Get crystal clear on the vision for your business
  • Design and implement the plan that will drive the revenue, impact, and flexibility you crave.

You might be thinking this is just another one of those SMART goal-setting processes.

I agree. You definitely don't need one of those.


This 5-step process I share with you is different.

It's a fresh way of looking at your goals and how you'll achieve them, including thought-provoking questions you've never thought to ask yourself.


Download your 12-Month Plan for Independent Consultants now. It will quickly become your new standard operating procedure for each year and quarter.

Make a shift in the way you set your business vision, your goals, and how you achieve them so that you can up-level your results this year, and for years to come.


The Independent Consultant's

5-Step Business Planning Process


  • Pinpoint what to amplify, adjust and remove from the past 12 months
  • Get crystal clear on your business vision so you have a detailed target to hit and
  • Design a step-by-step, fool-proof plan to achieve your goals in the next 12 months


This approach is different. 

It takes reality into account.

AND, gives you back the control you want for how much money you make, the schedule you work, and the impact you're able to make as a consulting and business owner.


Let me help you create a clear plan for the next 12 months, and make achieving your business goals inevitable.