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Tired of the uncertainty, stress and overwhelm of your consulting business?


It’s a constant balancing act. You have client deliverables due and the project is nearing a close.

You really need a 30-hour workday to get it all done and market your business, but..

  • You barely have time to finish your work
  • You need more time to generate leads for your sales pipeline
  • And even when they are in the pipeline, it could take months to get them on a call with you.

You don’t have that kind of time. In fact, you really needed to market yourself 6-months ago. Life and business got in the way, and you pushed that off until now.

What if instead of worrying about where your next client is going to come from, you instead focused 26-minutes out of your day on filling your consulting pipeline and winning your next client?

My proprietary formula for client engagement and conversion can help you do just that. In as little as 26-minutes a day, you can learn my routine to filling up your consulting pipeline.

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Successful ICs Balance Client Delivery With Your CEO Hat

Learn the exact steps to get into the CEO frame of mind, so you don't waste the time you've committed to this process

The Exact 3 Activities to Execute 4 Days a Week to Fill Your Pipeline

Know exactly what to do - I will teach you the simple formula I call RAM Method

Simple, Yet Powerful System to Create Consistency

Identify and plan ahead for obstacles, so you create consistency

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