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Overcome Obstacles.

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The Tech Leader Power Lunch is the premier forum for tech leaders who strive for professional success and fulfillment.  Join me every Friday and leave with the knowledge, inspiration and strategies to make the most from your career in technology.

The Tools You Need To Reach Your Career Goals as a Tech Leader

Weekly, bite-sized tools and strategies to advance your career goals and accomplish exactly what you want in your career.

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Upcoming topics:

  • The ONE Adjustment You Can Make to Start Nailing Your Interviews (08.07.2020)
  • How to Stand Out From Your Career Competition (08.14.2020)
  • 3 Steps to Set Yourself Up for A Promotion (08.21.2020)


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What You Need To Know

1.  The Zoom call is every Friday at 11am PT | 2pm ET

2.  A replay of each session will be sent to you (so don't worry if you can't make every session.)

3.  The weekly link will always be the same, so hop on when you can!
4.  You won't be on-screen. You'll just see Melisa and the slides.

5.  You're going to leave each session with clear next steps to move forward.

The Weekly Tech Leader Power Lunch topics will help you...


✅ Gain Clarity with Your Career Goals and Next Best Step

✅ Acquire Strategies for Navigating Challenging Work Situations

✅ Improve Your Leadership Skills

✅ Implement Best Practices for Your Job Search (even if you're not actively looking)

✅ Help You Overcome Career Setbacks

✅ Take Control Over Your Career Trajectory & Compensation

✅ Bite-Sized, Actionable Strategies On Every Call

Example Tech Leader Power Lunch Topics


The Tech Leader Power Lunch is held every Friday. We cover topics such as:

  • Tips for Managing Your Career & Job Search After 40
  • Job Search Stalled? What To Do Next.
  • How To Move On From Being Fired Or Let Go
  • A new topic each week

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About Melisa Liberman ~ Award-Winning Tech Leader and Coach


I'm a tech leader too.

Hi, I'm Melisa Liberman. In my 20+ years as a tech leader, career coach and entrepreneur, In my corporate career, I worked at Accenture and then as an executive who helped build a SaaS start-up to a $.25B exit.

As a coach, I've helped 100s of leaders get exactly what they want in their career. For many of my clients, that's a new job. One that's more fulfilling and where they're growing and feel valued.

I'm host of the weekly Tech Leader Power Lunch where I share actionable tips and strategies to accomplish specific career-related goals, including job search, managing your career after 40 and more.

I want you to have exactly what you want in your career, as I have in mine.

Let me help you spend 30 minutes a week moving closer to your career goals.


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Thank you!

"Thank you so much, that session was great! I was able to implement some of your ideas during the call and have a clear plan for what I need to do to leverage the strategy you shared. "

- Susan

30 Minutes Well Spent...

"That was 30 minutes well spent! I rarely (if ever) focus on my career and the bigger picture. You made today's topic so focused and clear that it will be easy to put into action. Thank you so much."


This is just what I needed

I have been neglecting my "career for years. It always takes a back seat to the "fire of the day."  I'm grateful you created this lunch, so I can take a breath and focus on something for my career every week. 30 minutes is perfect."