I help mid-career tech leaders find, land and thrive in their dream job.

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My coaching program is the perfect solution for you if you...

  • Ready to advance but you've been passed over
  • Are experiencing performance issues and not sure what to do about it.
  • Want to find a new job but aren't sure how to find the best fit for your skills, interests and the corporate culture you respect
  • You've been let go and are spinning, not sure how to explain what just happened to your career (to yourself or to a future employer)
  • Have been landing interviews but no job offers
  • Dread negotiating comp packages
  • Haven't mapped out your 30-60-90 day plan for your new job, to set yourself up for success
Schedule a Job Search Review

What's your plan?

Want to improve your current job?

It's so common to feel:

* Overlooked

* Scrutinized

* Constantly behind

* Overwhelmed

* Bored

Do you want the tools to feel more fulfilled at your current job without needing to change the leadership, your boss, or colleagues?

Time for a change?

Do you want to:

* Convert to part-time

* Find a new opportunity

* Get promoted

* Return to work after a gap



It's possible to find a new role that fits your needs. Don't sell yourself short!

Want to pursue your own goals?

Are you considering:

* Moving to consulting

* Pursuing a big goal

* Following your passion

* Living and working on your own terms


You CAN make anything you want come true. I will show you the exact steps.

What's the Next Step?

Are you ready to make your next career move?




During the call, 
  • We'll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the next step in your career
  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your job search
  • And you’ll leave the session re-energized to finally find the job (or promotion) that inspires and motivates you

Don’t go it alone, don’t try to figure it out by yourself, you don’t have to.  I've had my own coaches (sometimes several at a time) for the last 2.5 years and I can't believe how much clarity and transformation I've accomplished in that time. I wish I knew coaching as a "thing" so much earlier in my life/career.

Click below now to schedule your free Strategy Session. They book up quickly so don't miss your chance.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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The Job Search Review

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