Private Career Coaching for Tech Leaders

Private, Personalized Career Coaching

We work together one-on-one to clarify your career goals, develop a best-practice-based plan, and execute it. We work through your obstacles (almost always rooted in mindset) so you reach your goals.

Examples: land a new job, get promoted, exit corporate and start a business, navigate challenging professional relationships, improve performance


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The [Free] Tech Leader Power Lunch

A weekly, 30 minute webinar that gives you easy-to-implement, actionable tips to help you achieve your career goals.

So many tech leaders neglect their careers for their day-to-day obligations. Then, when they do look up they feel unfulfilled, stagnant and behind.

This weekly webinar is focused on helping you keep your career fresh and attract opportunities to you.


My Clients Are A-Players Who Want To Feel Fulfilled and To Know They've Made An Impact

Even A-Players can suffer a career setback. There's no need to navigate your secret feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, fear and panic all alone. I can help you restore your confidence and influence, to get back on track.


Gain Career Clarity

Are you worried your career has peaked? Is it stagnating? Are you unfulfilled?

As a coach, one of my super-powers is to help you gain clarity, so you know exactly what you want for the next step in your career.

We'll sort through the "shoulds" and confusion so you are crystal clear on what will make you feel valued and fulfilled in the next step of your career.


How to Overcome the Obstacles to Get What You Want

Ready to search for a new job?

Using a blend of coaching and my customized templates, scripts and playbooks, I'll guide you through the exact steps to take (and not to take) to maximize your time, interviews, and offers.

Want to love the job you already have?

Do you want to keep your existing job and learn to love it (again)? Whatever the challenge (a crazy boss, difficult peers, overly demanding customers, etc), we will tailor a plan that will help you tackle and overcome the challenges so that you're fulfilled and back on track for a wildly successful care

What are you waiting for?

You deserve a fulfilling career.

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What Others Have Accomplished Through Coaching

Career Coach for Tech Leaders

I would never have dared to pursue the professional path that I truly desired. Melisa’s coaching has equipped, encouraged, and focused me. Now I am actively and boldly chasing after what I want and deserve in my career. I am forever grateful!

- Whitney M.

Career Coach for Tech Leaders

I found myself unexpectedly on the job hunt two months into my pregnancy and I was terrified; I’m very Type-A, and the life plan I so painstakingly put together was ripped out from under me. I called Melisa, and she jumped at the opportunity to assist. She leveraged her extensive network of the RIGHT contacts and put me in touch with a company that not only accepted my pregnancy but embraced it. Who would have thought that an IT firm run by three men would be the solution? Melisa, that’s who. My one regret in working with her is that I waited so long to do so! 

- Jessica U.

Career Coach for Tech Leaders

Melisa has helped me as a career coach in so many ways. I can’t recommend her more highly as a life, career and executive coach. We’ve worked together to strategize on how to handle challenging scenarios at work with my boss, team and executive colleagues. I was navigating a lot of politics and challenges created by an aggressive business strategy and goals for the last 18 months. With the help of Melisa’s coaching, I was able to navigate through some very challenging business conditions while managing the organization. At the same time, we explored my medium to long term goals, to determine my next career move and how to merge my strengths, passions and goals. She helped me pinpoint limiting beliefs that were holding me back from pursuing my several opportunities that would fulfill me, both personally and professionally. I appreciate Melisa’s straightforward approach. She is a champion for each client and their goals. She will help you achieve clarity and see what is possible for you as she did for me.

- Susan M.

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