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You feel  humiliated, worried and overcome with self-doubt.

You've tried all the strategies to land a new role but they just aren't working.

You're embarrassed to network because you feel like you don't know the right people in the right places, and  that the people you do know will think you just want something from them.

You've started underselling yourself, assuming your only option is to settle.

You're procrastinating in your search because it feels so futile.

You know you can land your dream job if you just figured out the tech leader job search best practices, and could get past the anxiety, self doubt and shame.

If you "AGREED" with any of these statements, keep reading because this may be the most important website you'll visit this year.


Private Coaching Personalized To You

My coaching blends together best-practice strategy and tactics with powerful mindset techniques to help you quickly and powerfully reach your career goals.

7 Steps to Your Dream Job

First, we develop your clear professional branding and positioning, to ensure decision-makers can easily understand how your experience will make an impact in their organization (and eliminate any concerns over your work history)

Next, we refine your elevator pitch, networking approaches, resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters to ensure you move past the gate-keepers.


Then, we customize your job search "go-to-market" plan, including quick wins, goals, obstacles and strategies, so you fill your job search pipeline with opportunities and interviews.

Next, we implement the routines so you know exactly what to do each and every day to uncover and apply to those highly coveted, hidden jobs through the most efficient and effective methods.

Then, we execute a deep-dive interview prep including mock interviews, to help you stand out in any interview situation including phone screens, virtual interviews, and final presentations so you stand out from the competition.

After you start receiving offers (yes, oftentimes multiple!), we'll utilize best practice based decision-making and negotiation tactics to help you maximize the offer for your ideal job.


Finally, we finalize your powerful 30/60/90-day success plan so you can hit the ground running (with a fresh and confident outlook) in your new dream role.


Why Coaching?


  • 1:1 coaching helps you identify the root causes behind your self-doubt, fear, anxiety and insecurities.
  • Coaching guides you through the transformation to rebuild your strong, powerful self-concept, required to achieve your career goals.
  • Accountability helps you maintain consistent momentum despite the roller coaster of emotions that's naturally part of the process.
  • Coaching teaches you the tools required to permanently adjust the thought processes that are holding you back.


Apply for a Career Strategy Call where we'll dive into your current situation, uncover the obstacles holding you back from what you really want in your career, and get crystal clear on what you want to achieve. You'll leave with the step-by-step plan on how to accomplish exactly what you want for the next step in your career.


What Others Are Saying About Their Results Working with Melisa

I would never have dared to pursue the professional path that I truly desired. Melisa’s coaching has equipped, encouraged, and focused me. Now I am actively and boldly chasing after what I want and deserve in my career. I am forever grateful!

- Whitney M.

I found myself unexpectedly on the job hunt two months into my pregnancy and I was terrified; I’m very Type-A, and the life plan I so painstakingly put together was ripped out from under me. I called Melisa, and she jumped at the opportunity to assist. She leveraged her extensive network of the RIGHT contacts and put me in touch with a company that not only accepted my pregnancy but embraced it. Who would have thought that an IT firm run by three men would be the solution? Melisa, that’s who. My one regret in working with her is that I waited so long to do so! 

- Jessica U.

Melisa has helped me as a career coach in so many ways. I can’t recommend her more highly as a life, career and executive coach. We’ve worked together to strategize on how to handle challenging scenarios at work with my boss, team and executive colleagues. I was navigating a lot of politics and challenges created by an aggressive business strategy and goals for the last 18 months. With the help of Melisa’s coaching, I was able to navigate through some very challenging business conditions while managing the organization. At the same time, we explored my medium to long term goals, to determine my next career move and how to merge my strengths, passions and goals. She helped me pinpoint limiting beliefs that were holding me back from pursuing my several opportunities that would fulfill me, both personally and professionally. I appreciate Melisa’s straightforward approach. She is a champion for each client and their goals. She will help you achieve clarity and see what is possible for you as she did for me.

- Susan M.


"This call was a catalyst." 

"Thank you so much, this was such a powerful discussion. I am much more clear now on what I want and how to get it."

These are just a couple of quotes from people who have booked a Strategy Call with me. It's a powerful hour where we deep-dive into your specific situation, the roadblocks and obstacles you're facing (hint: oftentimes, they're not what you think they are) and create a plan of action for you to go forward toward your goals.


About Melisa Liberman ~ Award-Winning Tech Leader and Coach


Hi, I'm Melisa Liberman.

I'm a seasoned executive, so I can deeply relate to you as a tech leader. I started my 23 year career at Accenture, where I built a solid consulting and corporate foundation. I then took the leap to a start-up where I worked my way up from business analyst to the executive suite. I was the youngest executive and only female and a key member of the team that built a SaaS start-up to a $.25B exit.

As a coach, I've helped countless leaders break past their obstacles to achieve their career goals. For many of my clients, that's a new job. One that's more fulfilling and where they're growing and feel valued. For others, it's strategies, tactics and mindset to excel and advance in their current organization.

I'm host of the weekly Tech Leader Power Lunch where I share actionable strategies and tools to accomplish specific professional goals, such as Managing Your Career After 40, The 7 Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Down Your Job Search, The 3 Step Framework to Improve Your Executive Presence and more.

I want you to have exactly what you want in your career, as I have in mine.