Quickly create an effective One-Pager for your consulting business


Leverage this Consulting One-Pager template to quickly develop an impactful and compelling one-pager for your consulting business.

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Quickly Develop Your Compelling One-Pager

Leverage the template as a quick-start. 

Increase Your Consulting Pipeline

Don't let the lack of a one-pager hold you back with pursuing new clients.
At the same time, don't make the mistake of thinking the one-pager will sell for you.

Best-Practice Based Approach

Make sure your one-pager is compelling, succinct, and clear.

Bonus: Case Study Template

While you're building out your one-pager, you can quickly develop your first few case studies using this high-impact template.


One-Pager Template for Independent Consultants


You might be at the beginning of your consulting journey, wanting to craft the one-pager that truly represents the value you bring without overwhelming your audience.

Perhaps you've completed several projects but are now questioning if your one-pager effectively communicates your growing expertise and success stories.

Or, you could be an established consultant seeking to evolve your marketing materials to better reflect your expertise and attract higher-value clients, moving beyond basic introductions to showcase the depth of your impact.

Regardless of where you are in your consulting career, this one-pager template is designed to guide you through articulating your unique value proposition, services, and successes in a concise and visually appealing way.

It’s the foundational tool you need to ensure your consulting business stands out and resonates with your ideal clients.

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Why I made this one-pager for you


As a coach for independent consultants, I regularly see consultants struggling to create their one-pager.

They either procrastinate because they don't know where to start or worry it won't be professional-looking.

Or, they create one that, quite frankly, looks like it was produced in 1984.


And, because of all of this, they delay and defer taking steps to sell their consulting services. 

That’s why I made this one-pager template for you. 

Let's get your one-pager finished and stop using it as an excuse.


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And, you'll also receive the BONUS Consulting Case Study template so you can quickly make progress on your case study library.