Your Independent Consultant Business Not Where You Want It To Be?

Want a predictable business that doesn't consume all your time and energy?


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Are you an Independent Consultant wanting to create a predictable revenue stream, but don't feel like you can ever make the time to work on your business?


Attract a Consistent Flow of Potential Clients


The “stop and go” method of landing clients, delivering services, and starting the process all over is exhausting. This method also puts your income at risk because of the fluctuations it creates.

You can create a steady stream of consulting opportunities without sacrificing your schedule or compromising on what you'll need to deliver for your existing clients. Attraction marketing is the key.





Create a Sales Process Without “Selling”


Building a successful consulting business doesn’t mean you have to be a pushy salesperson.

If you are incredible at delivering services but you dread the process of signing the client, know this: there is a better way

You won’t have to outsource your sales (and hand over your hard-earned revenue.)

Even if you identify as “sales repellent”, my strategy shows you how you can create a compelling offer so that it sells itself to potential clients.

Think and Create Like a CEO


A key factor in attaining the success you want is to move from an employee mindset to that of the CEO of your Independent Consulting business.

Through business coaching and mindset development, your identity can shift powerfully, crowding out fear and creating confidence. You will increase your revenue, deliver more value to clients and prospects, and know how to create a sustainable business.

A skilled entrepreneurial CEO knows how to have a personal life and a successful business. You don’t have to choose. You can have both.


Learn how

27 Simple Ways to Find High-Paying Consulting Clients

  • The e-book will give you the real-life, effective examples you need to create an endless pipeline of clients
  • Pick one or two of the methods that RESONATE with you, to create your pipeline
  • AVOID marketing in a way that feels inauthentic
  • You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to find and land new clients after you find a method that aligns to your skills and personality.

Yes, even if you're introverted or too busy.


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Details on what it's like to work with Melisa as a coach and her 4 pillars of a successful Independent Consulting business.