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let me take a guess...


Does this sound familiar?

You want more predictability in your consulting business

You want to feel confident that you can land fulfilling engagements whenever you want

You're worried you're leaving money on the table

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Accelerate Your Business Goals with Progress In Your Business With 1:1 Mentorship

  • Map out your 3-year consulting business plan so you have a crystal-clear vision for yourself and your business
  • Fine-tune your compelling consulting offer(s) so you're clear on your value and differentiators
  • Build out your pricing so you're doing highly-profitable work that isn't trading time for money
  • Reverse-engineer your business development process so you know exactly how to fill & maintain a healthy, sustainable pipeline
  • Get clear on managing your capacity and utilization so you increase your leverage and protect your business-life balance
  • Templatize your processes so you increase your predictability and efficiency
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Meet your coach

I'm glad you're here. I'm Melisa.

Melisa Liberman

The Reality

In my decade-plus experience as an independent consultant and coach, I started as an "accidental independent" after stepping away from the SaaS startup I contributed to. Initially, I took on projects as they came, but it became evident—I was leaving money on the table and missing opportunities for substantial impact.

The Turning Point

It all changed when I decided to invest in myself by hiring my first coach. This marked a pivotal moment as I transitioned from merely taking on projects to running my business strategically. I learned crucial marketing and sales strategies, built resilient mindsets around marketing, sales, money, and business ownership.

My Passion

I'm committed to helping independent consultants like you redefine possibilities. I take pride in expanding perspectives and uncovering new opportunities for professionals like yourself

In the independent consulting industry, your potential is limitless and ready to be realized. Together, we'll navigate unexplored territory, discovering and leveraging your unique strengths and capabilities to stand out in the competitive landscape.

My mission is to guide fellow independent consultants to attain success, create a meaningful impact, and take command of goals they never thought attainable.

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Amy's testimonial

As an independent consultant, I lacked a strategic partner until I found Melisa. Her practical coaching over 12 weeks transformed my approach, refining my business strategy and clarifying my model. I've recommended her to many, valuing her impact on my growth and team management.

— Amy B

Jim's testimonial

Melisa's coaching helped me shift from focusing on lead generation to overcoming self-doubt and perfectionism, transforming how I approach my work. Her emphasis on intentional thinking led to tangible results in my business. I highly recommend Melissa for anyone looking to elevate their consultancy.

— Jim C.

Rodney's testimonial

Working with Melisa transformed my business. Despite my marketing efforts, growth remained elusive. Melisa's approach helped me overcome analysis paralysis, gain clarity, and achieve momentum. If you're unsure about hiring a business coach, don't hesitate. It's a worthwhile investment in your success.

— Rodney S.

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