I help high-achieving tech leaders reach their greatest potential.

Ready to work ON your career and not just in it?

Fired? Unfulfilled? Stagnating? Worried you'll be let go or passed over? 

My clients have been successful in their careers.

They were promoted, given immense responsibility, and treated as the go-to person time and time again.

But something has changed as they've reached their 40's and beyond.

They aren't fulfilled anymore.

They wonder if they've peaked.

They're considering a new job (or have been forced to look for one due to a layoff).

But they don't know where to start. They're afraid. And, they're secretly wondering if they still have what it takes.


Who I Am

I'm an award-winning technology executive and certified life and career coach who helps fellow tech professionals overcome self-doubt to achieve the fulfillment they crave.

What I Do

I coach tech professionals to achieve their career goals by

1) gaining clarity for what exactly will fulfill them and how their experiences and skills match to their target,

2) understanding and implementing the latest career best practices, and

3) understanding and optimizing their mindset to achieve exactly what they want.

How I Can Help

I provide personalized one-on-one coaching to my clients. We dig in to understand their goals and their obstacles, and then create, execute and iterate a customized plan to help them fully own their next career move.


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Join me for the weekly [free] Tech Leader Power Lunch

We'll spend 30 minutes working ON your career, and focusing on what you want in your career and ultimately for your life.


One of the biggest mistakes tech leaders make is focusing ALL their time on their day-to-day and neglecting their career and the big picture of what they really want and how they'll achieve it.

Months, quarters and years go by.

They're stagnating and unfulfilled.

And for some, the unexpected happens....they're let go.

Don't let this be you too.