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The Ultimate Blueprint for Independent Consultants

A deep-dive into your business with a SME, to help you get clear on what you want in your business and how to get it.

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In this IC Success Blueprint you'll:


Get crystal clear on what you want your consulting business to look like in the next 3 years

Take control in your independent consulting business by setting clear goals you'll reach over the next 3 years. This isn't the standard SMART goal-setting process. Instead, this is a deep-dive goal-setting process, where you'll know exactly what you want and why you want it. No more settling for what comes to you. You're going to be clear on exactly what you want, across all the aspects of your business.


Walk away with your strategic roadmap to evolve from where you are now in your business, to where you want to be

Identify the steps to get you to your 3-year plan, including the quick wins and milestones along the way. You'll get clear on your first 1-2 "needle-movers", how you'll reach your business goals, and who you need to become to achieve what you want.


And, you'll be armed with a proactive plan to manage and overcome inevitable roadblocks

There's no doubt you'll hit obstacles on the path to reaching your goals. Overwhelm, self-doubt, and setbacks are part of the process. A key to succeeding in your IC business is to develop a proactive plan to anticipate and manage the obstacles that you'll need to break through on your path to reaching (and exceeding) your goals.

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You + This IC Success Blueprint = everything you need to hit your business goals

Maybe you've thought: I can't have everything I want in my consulting business - the income AND the flexibility AND the fulfillment

Or maybe it's: I know I can have the business of my dreams but the price is too high. It takes too much stress and too much sacrifice to get what I want

Either way, the IC Success Blueprint process will show you how you can have everything you want, and more.

Get the clarity and peace of mind for your consulting business

  • Get clear on what you want in every aspect of your consulting business, so you create the income, flexibility and impact you've dreamed of
  • Create the step-by-step map to get there
  • Break through your earning ceiling, without needing to work more hours to get there

A Note From Melisa...


I'm a former corporate tech executive turned management consultant and coach.

I've worked at Accenture and also built and led a global professional services organization for a SaaS startup, which I helped lead to a $.25B exit.

After leaving corporate, I became an accidental entrepreneur when my former company hired me on retainer. After I got a taste of the flexibility, income and fulfillment, I realized independent consulting was exactly where I wanted to be.

I've been an independent for the past 9 years and am passionate about helping other independents create the same success, growth and longevity I've achieved.

In short, my goal is to help other independent consultants (or those who are ready to take the leap), to accomplish exactly what they want in your business, as I have in mine.



Host of the Grow Your Independent Consulting Business Podcast

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  • Having a personalized plan that will lead to your ideal business
  • Knowing the clear, specific steps to take
  • Being able to anticipate and overcome the obstacles without the stress and overwhelm



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What's Included


#1- A pre-call assessment to pinpoint what's working and what isn't working in your consulting business

Walk through a detailed assessment process, to get a clear picture of where your business is now, where you want it to be, and identify the gaps to address

#2- 60-minute strategy call to develop your business success blueprint

During this deep dive 60 minutes, you'll get clear on your business vision, identify your action plan, highlight your quick win opportunities, and uncover/address your obstacles. 

I'll provide you with a 3-year consulting business plan template so you're able to structure the plan as your go-to business tool, to create repeatable, consistent results in your business.

You've got access to an expert in independent consulting and consulting businesses. Ask me anything you'd like to know about best practices, roadblocks to anticipate, etc.

#3- Post-call wrap-up

You'll get the call recording, along with the transcripts so that you can go back whenever you notice yourself getting stuck in the roadblocks or falling into old habits.




Get It Now

The Result? 

A custom plan for your independent consulting business.

With the confidence and tools to create the business you've been wanting, but haven't thought was possible.

The Result? 

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With the confidence and tools to amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time
  • You want your next steps strategically planned 
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had an expert to bounce ideas off
  • You find yourself paralyzed with overwhelm and self-doubt
  • You want to short-cut past the lessons learned and into the most effective best practices that will work for you

Not for you if:

  • Your consulting business is exactly where you want it to be
  • You feel confident and clear on where your business is headed, and how you'll get there
  • You're not ready to carve out the time to prioritize working on your business
  • You want to keep postponing the work on your business because current client work is consuming you
I'm Ready

Let's take a look at how this works

Step 1: Choose Your Day/Time

First, you choose the day and time that works with your schedule

Step 2: Complete the Pre-Call Assessment

Complete the pre-call assessment so that (1) you have a deeper level of clarity about your own business and what you want to achieve and (2) give us the foundation to cover more ground on your IC Success Blueprint call

Step 3: Your IC Success Blueprint call

We'll dive deep into your Independent Consulting business, to build out your detailed, personalized success plan. You'll leave with clarity on exactly what you want to achieve in your business, why you want that, how to get it, and the potential obstacles you'll overcome along the way.

Wait, what's included again?


Your Pre-Call Business Assessment

Get clear on the current state of your consulting business, with the powerful questions you don't ask yourself regularly, and the questions you haven't thought to ask yourself


60-minute Zoom Call

On our 60-minute call, we'll dive into your business to create an action plan for you to reach your business goals, including the quick wins and plan to overcome the inevitable obstacles, to you know exactly what to do next, to make the most immediate impact. 

You'll be able to ask me anything about your business, your goals, the challenges you've faced, and the obstacles you anticipate. The result is a personalized, tailored plan for you and your business. No cookie cutter approach here!


Post-Call Assets

I'll send you the call recording and transcript so that you can go back and reference your 3-year plan as needed, to clear up confusion, to re-motivate yourself, and to refresh the details underlying the plan we created on the call.



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Here's What Others Are Saying...

H. L.

This IC Success Blueprint process has helped me take a much-needed step back in my business, to see the big picture and exactly how I can get there.


I took away so much more than I expected from this blueprint process. I've been able to get past the overwhelm by creating a clear direction and plan for my business.


This blueprint process has helped me uncover what I really want in my business, beyond what I think I should be wanting and doing. And, with this being so clear, I've been able to map out a do-able plan that will get me there.

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The Ultimate IC Success Blueprint

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One time payment

  • Your detailed IC Business Assessment, to pinpoint the current state of your business, along with a detailed picture of where you want it to be
  • Your 60-minute Business Strategy session, where we'll dive in deep to create a clear roadmap for you, including quick wins, big picture strategy, and the identify and plan for the obstacles that will inevitably get in your way
  • Get your questions answered by an expert in making more money and impact in your independent consulting business, without working more



Commonly Asked Questions

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