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ย  ย The Blueprint to Break Free From the Consulting Feast or Famine Cycle

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Have you become complacent in your consulting business?



Are you like so many other independent consultants, settling for the consulting work that comes to you?

Agreeing to take on projects where you're underpaid and not fulfilled?

Are you working all hours of the day and night, at the client's whim?

And, you feel like there's no end in sight.

You're trapped in the cycle of taking the work that comes for you because you're so nervous there won't be another project around the corner?

This isn't what you wanted when you left corporate.

You're ready to feel like you're in control of your business, your income and your schedule


How would it feel if you had a business where you could

  • attract ideal clients to you, who have problems you love solving and are willing to pay for your expertise
  • make your own schedule and take vacations without worrying about leaving money on the table
  • no longer have to stress about letting your family (or yourself down) by not making enough money 
  • and feel confident and secure that your business will generate all the income and impact you've imagined is possible

The Blueprint to Break Free From the Consulting Feast or Famine Cycle




Learn to escape the feast or famine roller coaster with the critical success factors for your independent consulting business

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A masterclass for you...



The Blueprint to Beat the Feast or Famine Cycle in your Consulting Business

This isn't the typical sales-pitch disguised as a masterclass.

It's 60 minutes for you to:

  • Take a step back to look at the bigger picture in your business
  • Assess which of the critical success factors for ICs you need to implement or update in order to hit your business and personal targets
  • Get clarity on where you want your business to be in the next 3-5 years, so you have a  proactive roadmap to reach your goals for revenue, schedule flexibility and impact
  • Take away a real, raw understanding of your current state so you pinpoint the changes that will make the biggest impact for you moving forward

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What We'll Cover in the Masterclass

You'll walk away with


  1. The tool to drive clarity on where you're at and where you could be in your business
  2. The critical success factors for you to finally leave behind the feast or famine cycle, and shift into a business model where you're working less and making more
  3. Understand what's possible for you, so you're no longer attracting difficult, lower-paying clients and can transition to high-end clients that value you (and pay top dollar) for your expertise
  4.  Next steps to put the strategies into action (you'll ensure the 60 minutes you spend is not wasted)
  5. Q&A, so you get your specific questions answered 

What Are You Waiting For?


Understand the key components  to ensure your business consistently hits/exceeds its goals without you having to overwork and postpone vacations

Assess where you're at now (an honest look in the mirror)

Learn what's possible for you in your business, to reinvigorate your goals and realize there's even more for you (ease and money)


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Now Is The Perfect Time to Create Predictable Revenue In Your Consulting Business



Stop waiting until the perfect window to work on your business. The best time is now.


Get clear on how to predictably grow your independent consulting business with ease.

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Masterclass: The Blueprint to Break Free From the Consulting Feast or Famine Cycle

This Masterclass is for you if...

  • You're making less than you know you're capable
  • You're constantly anxious and worried (almost to the point of nausea) that you'll let down your family (and yourself) by not bringing in enough monthly income, let alone money to save and to pay for the lifestyle you really want
  • You feel you're behind where you'd be if you had stayed in corporate
  • You often question why you even became an independent in the first place because it feels so hard and unpredictable
  • You're working more hours than you want to, and have no control over your schedule
  • You want to take vacation but it never seems to be the "right" time

This Masterclass isn't for you if...

  • You haven't started a consulting business yet
  • You're clear on your business goals and you're hitting them
  • You're able to take vacation when you've planned
  • You're in control of your own schedule
  • You feel fulfilled and valued in the work you do

Passionate About Helping Independent Consultants Maintain Their Autonomy


Hi, I'm Melisa Liberman.


I'm on a mission to make sure my fellow independent consultants build the companies of their dreams, so they never feel forced back to their old corporate life.

I accidentally became an independent consultant over 9 years ago.

Long story (that involves moving to Hawaii)...

I thought that was a temporary break from corporate.

It quickly decided it would be permanent.

I found that I didn't need a title or a salary to make me feel accomplished, or to create security, like I always thought I did.

And, I fell in love with creating my own businesses, my own income, my own schedule and my own impact.

I figured out the formula to consistently double my revenue without working more.

And, I couldn't keep it to myself.

That's why I created the DOUBLE Method for Independent Consultants, to help my fellow ICs double their revenue without working more.

I'd love to connect with you, IC to IC.

To get started:

Check out my podcast: Grow Your Independent Consulting Business

Download the 7 Mistakes Keeping Your Consulting Business in the Feast or Famine Cycle


Let me help you pinpoint the root causes of the feast or famine cycle in your consulting business.

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The Blueprint to Break Free From the Consulting Feast or Famine Cycle

Masterclass for Independent Consultants