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Whether you’re testing the waters of consulting or know now is the right time, this checklist will ensure you have the comprehensive details you need to start your successful consulting business off with a strong foundation. 


Strategic Steps to Launch Your Successful Consulting Business: timing, tactics, and success tips

Don't wait for the "perfect time."

Position yourself to confidently launch your consulting business with this invaluable resource, thoughtfully outlined to provide the details you need to have a definitive plan for launching and sustaining a successful consulting practice.

What to Expect:  you'll have the checklist you need to get started, including

  • The 3 things to know before starting your business
  • The 12 steps to start your business off the right way
  • The 4 mistakes to avoid when starting your consulting business
  • The one resource that can help you avoid undercharging and underearning


This is YOUR time to discover the crucial steps for starting your consulting business on your terms. Develop your strategy, level up your skills, and make your mark in the consultancy industry. This isn't about conforming to a one-size-fits-all approach. It's your direct route to success.

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