The Independent Consultant's Toolkit


Tips, templates, checklists and more, to help you grow your independent consulting income and impact without sacrificing your independence.

Independent Consulting

Business Foundation

12 Steps to Start Your Consulting Business

The 26-page ebook, including 12 steps to start a successful consulting business and the 4 mistakes to avoid.

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IC Compelling Offer Scorecard

Discover how your consulting offers currently score and uncover useful insights to help you become known (and sought after) for what you do, make selling easier, and ultimately increase revenue.

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IC Business Scalability Scorecard

Take this 5-minute assessment and you'll receive a 15-page, personalized report that outlines the opportunities to improve scaling your consulting business so you increase your profit, make more impact, and work on your own terms.

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The 5-Part Personal Branding Assessment for Independent Consultants

Take the 5-part Personal Branding Assessment specifically written for you as an independent consultant. You'll identify tangible ways to stand out and become sought-after as a consultant.

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Consultant's Retainer Readiness Assessment

Take this Assessment to uncover your areas of opportunity and the path to adding retainers to your consulting business.

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The 5-Step Yearly Plan for Independent Consultants

Make More Money. Make More Impact. Have More Freedom.

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50 Essential Questions
to ask your prospects and clients

Download this cheatsheet with the 50 go-to questions to use when meeting prospects and selling your consulting services

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Independent Consulting 


The Independent Consultant's Pricing Assessment

Take the IC Pricing Assessment to uncover your areas of opportunity to increase your pricing. 

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How Independent Consultant Rates and Retainer Fees Work

The comprehensive playbook with you on how independent consulting rates and retainers work.

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Negotiate To Avoid Leaving Money On The Table

The 18 advanced negotiation tactics to help you negotiate better as an independent consultant rates and retainers work.

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Independent Consulting 

Business Development

27 Ways to Uncover High-Paying Consulting Clients

27 real-life examples of how to find and add ideal consulting clients to your pipeline.

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52 Income-Producing Activities  for the Independent Consultant

So many independent consultants fall into the trap of spending all their time on client work while neglecting their own business. This list of 52 income-producing activities will help you easily prioritize high-impact tasks to grow your consulting business.

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Create a Pipeline of Ideal Consulting Clients in 26 Minutes a Day

Know exactly how to grow and maintain your independent consulting pipeline. Avoid the feast or famine cycles (and regret) most independent consultants fall into.

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