The Independent Consultant's Toolkit

Tips, templates, and checklists to help you grow your consulting income and impact without sacrificing your independence.


Choose the specific stage of your consulting business to gain the relevant resources and reach your goals more quickly.


Independent Consulting Business Foundation

12 Steps to Start Your Consulting Business

The 26-page eBook includes 12 steps to start a successful consulting business and the 4 mistakes to avoid.

50 Essential Questions
to ask your prospects and clients

Download this cheatsheet with the 50 go-to questions to use when meeting prospects and selling your consulting services.

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27 Ways to Uncover High-Paying Consulting Clients

27 real-life examples you can replicate to fill your pipeline with ideal consulting clients.

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How Independent Consultant Rates and Retainer Fees Work

Leverage this comprehensive playbook to establish and optimize your consulting pricing strategy and fees.

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Create a Pipeline of Ideal Consulting Clients in 26 Minutes a Day

The step-by-step checklist to grow and maintain your independent consulting pipeline. Stop second-guessing and know exactly how to fill your pipeline.

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Consultant Rate Calculator

Grab the consultant's rate calculator so you have a reusable tool to calculate your consulting rates for each engagement.

Consultant's One-Pager Template

Grab the consultant's "one-pager" template. It's a simple, compelling template to add to your toolkit.

And, it comes with a bonus "case study" template so you can build a powerful library of case studies to share on a moment's notice.

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Independent Consulting Pricing

Consulting Business Growth Assessment

Take this 5-minute assessment and you'll receive a 15-page, personalized report that outlines the opportunities to improve scaling your consulting business so you increase your profit, make more impact, and work on your terms.

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The 12-Month Plan for Independent Consultants

Develop a clear plan you can lean on to achieve your business goals this year.

The Pricing Assessment

Take the Consultant's Pricing Assessment.  Uncover your areas of opportunity to increase your pricing and become more profitable.

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Service Offering Assessment

Leverage the results to become known for and sought after for what you do, make selling easier, and ultimately increase revenue.

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Avoid Leaving Money On The Table

The 18 advanced negotiation tactics to help you negotiate more confidently.

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Personal Branding Assessment

Take the 5-part Personal Branding Assessment specifically written for you as an independent consultant. Identify tangible ways to stand out and become sought-after as a consultant.

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Retainer Readiness Assessment

Take this Assessment to uncover your areas of opportunity and the path to adding retainers to your consulting business.

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Independent Consulting Business Development

The Blueprint to Double Your Consulting Business

Uncover specific strategies you can use to double your revenue without growing a team.

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Independent Consultant's Productivity Assessment

Take the productivity assessment to uncover tangible ways to make the most of your time, and effectively balance working on your business with client delivery.

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Routine Builder for the IC Business Owner

Grab a comprehensive list of business owner activities. Pick and choose from the list to quickly build your effective business owner routines.

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Playbook to Hire & Manage a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Your Consulting Business

Grab a job description for a virtual assistant who can take the admin tasks off your plate, and free you up to do more strategic business owner work.

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9 Ingredients to Scale Your Independent Consulting Business

Uncover the 9 specific strategies you can leverage to make more money without working more in your consulting business.

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