The 5 Best Podcasts for Consultants

blog article Sep 26, 2022

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The skills required to run a successful independent consulting business don’t come naturally to most consultants.

You’re good at delivering consulting to your clients.

It's common to second guess and become mired in analysis paralysis when it comes to running your own consulting business.

Here’s a list of the best podcasts for consultants, to help you strengthen your business owner skillset and ultimately grow your consulting business with confidence.

1) Grow Your Independent Consulting Business Podcast with Melisa Liberman

Introduction to the podcast

Grow Your Independent Consulting Business is one of the best podcasts for independent consultants. Melisa Liberman is a business coach for independent consultants, and she distills her expertise into actionable weekly episodes. The typical episode is around 30 minutes long and is a combination of actionable strategies, consulting business owner mindset tools, and guests that share their unique knowledge on growing an IC business.

Podcast topics

Melisa covers various topics of interest, including her popular episodes on:

Some of her podcast guests include:

Why you should consider subscribing

Grow Your Independent Consulting Business is one of the few podcasts focusing on independent consultants interested in scaling their businesses.

The topics discussed concern the unique challenges ICs face in growing their consulting practices.

Because of this, you will find insights on niche topics that you won’t find anywhere else.

Think of every episode as a new lesson; each episode comes with accompanying resources and assessments by Melisa Liberman, such as the Independent Consultant’s Business Scalability Scorecard.

2) Unleashed, hosted by Umbrex Co-Founder Will Bachman

Introduction to the podcast

Unleashed - How to Thrive As An Independent Professional provides a variety of tools, strategies, and case studies to thrive as an independent consultant - both as a business owner and as a practitioner.

One podcast reviewer best sums it up - “From very short episodes on indispensable tools and tricks of the trade to more in-depth interviews with consulting practitioners to academics to industry thought leaders, the nearly 400 (and counting) episodes each bring value to the listener. Very highly recommended.”

Podcast topics

The podcast covers a wide range of topics that are important to the independent consultant, such as:

  • Setting Fees
  • Health insurance for independent consultants
  • Writing Proposals

Will Bachman, the host, also interviews a variety of independent professionals and other professionals who support independents, such as:

  • Gabe Nelson a Financial Planner for Solopreneurs
  • Michael Katz on Business Newsletter Best Practices

Why you should consider subscribing

Will combines his deep expertise in selling and delivering consulting, with a sense of humor and sarcasm. The podcast is both informative and entertaining.

3) The Business of Authority Podcast with Jonathan Stark and Rochelle Moulton

Introduction to the podcast

The Business of Authority Podcast is a weekly show for independent professionals who want to go from six figures to seven figures while increasing your impact on the world.

Podcast topics

The types of topics you can expect to find cover a wide range, such as:

  • Shifting away from hourly billing
  • Building teams
  • Profitability

Why you should consider subscribing

Jonathan and Rochelle provide a unique format, by combining their points of view and perspectives along with interviewees they invite onto the show.

4) Consulting Success®️ with Michael Zipursky

Introduction to the podcast

The Consulting Success® Podcast provides interviews targeted at helping consultants grow profitable and successful consulting businesses.

Podcast topics

The podcast covers topics such as:

  • Non-profit consulting
  • The future of consulting
  • How to become a rainmaker

Why you should consider subscribing

This interview-style show provides a wide range of interviewees, including consultants who have built thriving businesses to people who run businesses that support consultants. It’s an informative show, especially for those who are looking to grow a large consulting business or agency.

5) The Uncomfortable Truth®️ with Alan Weiss

Alan Weiss's The Uncomfortable Truth® is a weekly podcast where Alan Weiss, a pioneer in the consulting industry, shares his viewpoints on a wide range of topics.

Introduction to the podcast

Alan’s episodes are typically quick hits, around 6 minutes in duration. In this time, he shares his viewpoints on a variety of cultural, political, and industry topics.

Podcast topics

Alan provides his opinions on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Dealing with companies who have too much business
  • Reaching the right audience and the power of a smaller list
  • Handling rejection

Why you should consider subscribing

While Alan’s podcast isn’t limited to consulting-related topics, Alan is well-known in the consulting industry. The episodes are short to consume, and provide helpful tips and strategies when they’re applicable to consulting.

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