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The scale-IC Private Coaching Program™️




The proven coaching program for independent consultants who want to reach their business goals and establish a strong foundation for years to come.

Work with Melisa to develop a repeatable business system that generates consulting leads, converts those leads into high-paying clients, and scales your business to $1M+ without working more or hiring a team.


Coaching for consultants who want to build a sustainable, scalable, and profitable consulting business


Through coaching for the independent consultant, I'll help you increase your income and your impact, without compromising your flexibility or personal goals.

Through coaching, you'll 

  • Get clear on exactly what you want to accomplish with your consulting business based on what you might not even realize is possible.
  • We'll develop the step-by-step roadmap for you to bring your business vision to life.
  • Then, we'll break down each step into detailed, best-practice-based systems that will make achieving your business goals inevitable. 

You've tried accomplishing these business goals on your own.


It's easy to get overwhelmed, stuck in perfectionism, and feeling like you've hit a plateau.

You're likely questioning if this roller coaster you're on is sustainable.

Running an independent consulting business doesn't have to be this way.

You can have it all if you know what you want and are willing to change your approach...because, as Marshall Goldsmith famously said, what got you here won't get you there.

What you want is within your reach.

I know this because I've been there myself.


I launched my independent consulting business 11 years ago. And, for the first ~6 years, I struggled.

I was taking work that came to me from my network.

And, I was overworking, under-charging, not fulfilled, and constantly sacrificing family and personal time to keep my clients happy.

I hit rock bottom the day I was parked on the side of the road to take a client call from the hood of my car while my 3 crying/fighting boys were inside strapped in their seatbelts.

I wanted to make more money, work less, and do work that was valuable and fulfilling.

I hired my first coach, and she helped me realize I needed to revamp everything - from what services I was offering, to the types of clients I was targeting, to my lead generation process, to my sales process, and most importantly (although I didn't agree with her at the time...), my self-identity.

I figured this out with a lot of trial and error.

It took me so much longer than it needed to.

And, as a result, I left so much money and free time on the table.

I don't want that to happen to you.

This is why I'm a private coach for independent consultants.

I help my clients make more money, have more impact, and create a business-life balance they never realized was even possible, let alone for them.

The 5 steps to scaling your consulting business with the personalized scale-IC Method™️


In this coaching for consultants program, we work together to establish the foundation you and your business require in order to make more money, increase your impact, and protect your flexibility and freedom.

Coaching starts with Melisa's best-practice-based, proprietary methodology - the scale-IC Method™️ - which Melisa personalizes and tailors to fit your business, your strengths, and your areas of opportunity.

It's the best of both worlds combining best-in-class strategies and tactics specific to the independent consulting business with personalized focus.

In the scale-IC Program™️, you'll have support to:

Step 1: Strengthen Your Business Owner Mindset

  • Identify areas where you're holding yourself back
  • Get clear on where and how to transform into business owner quality thinking
  • Uncover and overcome the inner critic

Step 2: Cast a Clear Vision

  • Create your 3-year vision
  • Establish your rolling 12-month business plans
  • Define your individualized, step-by-step 90-day plan so we know exactly how you'll accomplish your goals

Step 3: Attract Ideal Clients

  • Define your aligned service offering(s), positioning, and pricing
  • Establish your business development formula so you know exactly what activities fill your roster with clients
  • Map out your sales process from the first conversation to the contract close
  • Get clear on your guardrails to avoid taking on non-ideal clients or overloading yourself

Step 4: Leverage Your Capacity

  • Determine your investment and growth strategy
  • Implement strategies to avoid overutilization
  • Set up the systems to protect your capacity and mental energy
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that stall your progress, growth, and fulfillment

Step 5: Execute

  • Capture repeatable frameworks for continuous improvement and efficiencies
  • Establish and enforce scope creep protocols
  • Effectively balance working IN your business with working ON your business
  • Protect your schedule via guardrails
  • Deliver predictable value to create referenceable and repeat client work
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt
  • Feel valued and fulfilled in the work you do

How transformational can private coaching be for your independent consulting business?

Watch More Testimonials

LeAnne - LL Consulting & Coaching, LLC


"I cannot recommend Melisa highly enough. She individualizes everything she does to you. And she's very intuitive about each person that she interacts with. It was not very long at all of me interacting with her before she started picking up on conversational patterns that I had and or thought patterns I had. And so I would say you're going to get individualized help from someone who has walked in your shoes and who has done the actual work and is transitioned into this coaching space with so much credibility and adaptability, don't wait. Because I did and I wish I wouldn't have."

Maria BT - Maria BT Consulting


"I definitely had some blind spots around some really key critical elements of my business, such as pricing.  Melisa helped me to shift from hourly pricing into value-based pricing, which was a game changer for me.

I had this limiting belief, before working with Melisa, that I needed to replicate what I already knew, coming as a corporate consultant. As a result, I was replicating what I already knew, like the hourly pricing and long hours, because that's what I knew what to do.

Melisa helped me open doors and a world of possibilities that I think would be hard to stumble upon by yourself."

Jim C. - Owner and Principal Consultant of Discover Value LLC


"The long-term benefits of solely focusing on the business tactics are not nearly as high as Melisa's approach, in which she challenges the way I show up to work on my business and the way I think about my business.

In our coaching together, we worked on the typical consultant stuff (e.g. lead generation and finding high-value clients), but so much of it was about how I thought about the work and how my thinking was driving my behavior. This translated into tools I use to change my thinking and behaviors that make me more successful."

How Melisa’s coaching for consultants program will get you the results you need for your independent consulting business

The 3 reasons why coaching with the scale-IC Method™️ works

It's Specifically Built for Independent Consultants

The scale-IC Program™️ distills all the strategies and tactics down to what's specifically working for independent consultants the real-time.

It's Transformational

The scale-IC Program™️ is specifically designed for you to identify and overcome what's standing in between you and your goals. We tackle the root causes, not just the symptoms.

You'll feel like a totally different business owner when we're finished...clear, confident, and in control.

It's Tailored Specifically to You

The scale-IC Program™️ isn't a typical, one-size-fits-all coaching program. Instead, it's a proven framework we tailor and mold to you and your business. 

We use it as a framework that guides our approach and keeps our eye on the big picture you want to achieve.


Coaching for Consultants:

The Program Roadmap


  • Solidify your business vision, goals, and business plan
  • Refine your service offerings, ideal clients, and pricing so they're more compelling
  • Develop a go-to-market plan so you know exactly how you'll fill your pipeline with high-quality, ideal clients
  • Identify the "quick-win" approach to kickstart your goals
  • Uncover & rebuild ineffective mindsets that aren't producing the results you want
  • Build consistent and effective business owner routines
  • Evaluate and iterate your business processes to drive your desired outcomes more quickly and easily
  • Continue to refine your lead generation strategies and positioning so you know exactly what you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to hit your goals
  • Strengthen your reputation so you're the sought-after consultant in your field
  • Implement the thought models so you think and show up as a successful business owner
  • Finalize your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines as your repeatable business development engine
  • Troubleshoot and refine your processes so you know the formula to drive continuous, fulfilling business
  • Protect your work/time-off schedule
  • Solidify your business owner mindset so you make effective decisions, follow your priorities, and continue to strategically and proactively build your business

The Results


✔️Create a clear, detailed roadmap for scaling your business without working more or hiring a team

  • Map out your 3-year consulting business plan so you have a crystal-clear vision for yourself and your business
  • Fine-tune your compelling consulting offer(s) so you're clear on your value and differentiators
  • Build out your value-based pricing so you're doing highly-profitable work that isn't trading time for money
  • Reverse-engineer your business development process so you know exactly how to fill & maintain a healthy, sustainable pipeline
  • Get clear on managing your capacity and utilization so you increase your leverage and protect your business-life balance
  • Templatize your processes so you increase your delivery quality and efficiency


✔️Personalized guidance and expert support with implementing your business roadmap

  • A customized coaching plan specific to your business challenges and goals
  • A personalized coaching portal filled with best-practice templates and shortcuts for your consulting business
  • Coaching with Melisa, an industry expert, who helps you uncover and overcome the blockers and obstacles (e.g. self-doubt and second-guessing) that commonly slows down independent consultants like you
  • Detailed feedback and recommendations on your branding, positioning, proposals, and pricing
  • Text support in between calls so you're never alone


✔️You'll finish the 3 months with the confidence of a successful business owner, along with a sustainable, fulfilling, impactful, and profitable business


Business Investment


What you get...

  • 1 deep dive business planning & strategy session
  • 9 private coaching calls
  • 3 months of coaching and mentoring
  • "Coaching in your pocket" via voice and text messaging in between coaching calls
  • Feedback on your pricing, proposals, marketing, offers, and on the work we're doing together
  • Coaching portal with best-practice templates and accountability
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About Melisa Liberman


I'm Melisa Liberman.

I get it. 

I'm a former corporate consultant (Accenture) and was the executive responsible for building a global consulting team at the SaaS start-up I helped grow to an exit.

I've been an independent consultant and coach for the past 11+ years and I understand the challenges of balancing running a business with client delivery.

I also understand how different it is to be a business owner compared to working in corporate as an employee.

I love simplifying business for other consultants, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I've made.

That's why I work privately, one-on-one with independent consultants to help them grow their income, make more impact, and work on their own terms using my scaleIC Method™️.

I'm the host of the Grow Your Independent Consulting Business Podcast.


I'm frequently asked 2 questions:

1. Melisa, why do you only offer coaching for consultants?

I'm dedicated to helping other consultants succeed and avoid making the mistakes that cause second-guessing, self-doubt, and even going back to a full-time job. I'm on a mission to make sure independent consultants exceed what they think is possible so they can have flexibility and freedom.

Which coaching option should I choose?

coaching programs and online courses because they want to strategize with someone who understands them and their business very specifically.


2. Melisa, for which type of consultants is your coaching ideal?

The scale-IC Program™️ is ideal for independent consultants who have left their corporate job and have landed at least 2 clients. The program works best for independent consultants who are ready to increase their income and are open to working on their business strategy, processes, and mindset.

Your Coaching program guarantees...

The scale-IC Program™️ is a coaching program for independent consultants who want to grow their business so they increase their income in a predictable and sustainable way, all while having more free time and flexibility.


As long as you engage in the coaching process and are transparent with Melisa, you will walk away with:


A steady pipeline of high-value potential clients

At the heart of every successful independent consulting business is a repeatable business development process, where you know the exact formula for your business to uncover and attract new leads and convert those conversations to clients. 

In the scale-IC Program™️, we work together using private coaching to design, implement and refine an effective, simple-to-execute lead-generation process so you're never relying on referrals or your existing network to generate revenue for your consulting business.


Increased revenue and income

You're ready to make more money and have more free time. This is possible for you, even if you feel like you've tried everything.

Through our coaching together, we'll develop a thorough revenue plan for your business, to make sure you've aligned the value you offer, your sales process, your pricing, and your capacity.

We evolve your business model so you're not leaving money on the table, and you have the financial and time flexibility to live your life and run your business on your own terms.


Unshakeable confidence in yourself as a business owner

It may come as a surprise, but most independent consultants are operating their businesses with a mountain of self-doubt. 

To have more success and to enjoy the work you do, it's imperative that you learn to create your own confidence, without depending on client accolades or new client contracts to overcome your insecurity.

Through the scale-IC Program™️, I'll teach you to identify the root causes of your self-doubt and how to generate confidence on demand so you can enjoy your running your business. For those of us who are high-achievers (and I can safely assume you are), it's invaluable to learn to love the process and NOT just the results.


What makes coaching for consultants with the scale-IC Method™️ so effective?

  1. The program is personalized to you -

    You work with Melisa to achieve your specific business goals, amplify your strengths and develop the skills required to grow a successful independent consulting practice.


  1. You work with a coach whose entire 20+ year career has been dedicated to consulting -

    Melisa started her career at Accenture, then moved on to a SaaS start-up where she was the Executive responsible for building and scaling the Global Professional Services organization, and, for the last 10 years, she's been an independent consultant running her own business that's evolved from working with corporate clients to coaching independents to achieve the same success she has.


  1. You don't get lost in a larger group program or course - 

Your time is valuable and you want to maximize it. Working with Melisa will ensure you're maximizing the return on the time you're spending working ON your business, and help you avoid implementing techniques recommended in group programs/courses that won't work for you or for your business.



  1. The scale-IC Program™️ is specifically designed for independent consultants who want to make more money and live a flexible lifestyle -

Melisa has created and continues to evolve the scale-IC Program™️ specifically for you as an independent consultant. Whether you work solo or have a small team of sub-contractors, this program was created for your specific business model. It's not a general business program or even a program that applies to "consultants in general." The one-on-one coaching for consultants that Melisa delivers for you is specifically built on best practices for independent consultants. As a result, you'll avoid common pitfalls that others have to learn the hard way, you'll learn best practices that work specifically for the independent consulting business model, and you'll have access to what's working (and what's not working) for independents in the real-time.

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