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independent consulting business self-doubt

If you're an independent consultant, chances are you're second-guessing yourself


You've had success in your business.

And you're often juggling two extremes:

  1. Not sure where the next clients will come from because you've neglected and procrastinated business development or 
  2. Managing more demand than you can handle and worried you'll damage your relationships and/or burnout


You're great at what you do after the client engagement is underway.


But you're doubting yourself and how you're running your consulting business.


You want to scale your consulting business but you're worried about making mistakes.


  • Wanting to simplify your offers, positioning and messaging but you're worried about turning away business
  • Questioning if you're leaving money on the table because of your pricing
  • Ready to move out of time-based billing but not sure how to avoid the risks
  • Unsure how to balance working on your business with client delivery
  • Wishing (in hindsight) you had said no more often
  • Overanalyzing what you're doing and how you're doing it


how to grow an independent consulting business
how to grow an independent consulting business

As a result, you're in a pattern of earning less than you're capable of, over-working and diluting your impact.


Your inner critic is questioning you and your business direction.

You know you're capable of making so much more impact for you and your clients.

You can't stop thinking about how you'll escape this overwhelm to finally feel you're in control.


You know the answer is to upgrade your business plan, your offers, your pricing and your processes.

But, weeks pass without you having the time.

And, you're not exactly sure how to move beyond where you are now.

It feels overwhelming and too easy to make mistakes.


You find yourself in analysis-paralysis knowing you want to make changes but second-guessing where and how.

How would it feel to have a clear plan to sustainably scale your independent consulting business?


It feels liberating to have a clear, sustainable business plan, aligned service offer(s), compelling positioning, an aligned business development formula, the routines, processes and guardrails.

It gives you the framework to create consistency and ultimate control of your business results.

It gives you the freedom to determine your own business direction -  staying solo and working on the engagements and/or monetizing your teaming and referrals.

So you can be selective about the clients you work with.

And feel peace of mind and predictability

Without burning out or sacrificing your balance

After all, one of the reasons you became an independent consultant is to have control of your time and trajectory.

What You Want Is Within Your Reach


  • You can become known for, and sought-after for what you do
  • You can drive a steady stream of work without becoming over-booked and burned out
  • You can be selective with the work you take
  • You can run your business in a way that enforces without damaging your relationships
  • You can diversify your revenue models into retainers and value-based pricing without it feeling risky
  • You can build a business framework that generates revenue without directly doing the work
  • You can achieve your full potential (and more) as both an expert and a business owner
  • You don't have to turn into a professional marketer to generate high-quality leads
  • You don't have to second-guess yourself or worry you're making big mistakes


The formula to get what you want is simple...

You combine proven independent consulting business strategies with the mindset tools that transform your employee-based thinking into successful business owner-based thinking.

It's the proprietary scale-IC Method™️ I created specifically for IC Business Owners.

get consulting clients

Private One-To-One Coaching for Independent Consultants


As a fellow IC who has first-hand knowledge and experience, I'm a coach just for you.

I know you want to be a wildly successful consulting business owner who’s exceeding revenue goals, working when you want, and for clients who value you.

Deep down, I know you want to prove to yourself that you made the right choice going out on your own, and despite the challenges, you’re succeeding.


To scale, you need a

  • clear business plan so you know the direction you're building toward,
  • a compelling offer(s) that you can repeatably implement,
  • a marketing and sales engine that consistently attracts high-paying consulting clients,
  • a capacity management system so you monetize the clients you attract without always doing the work,
  • guardrails that you stick to, so you avoid overcommitting,
  • a business model that’s easy to execute while you’re working on delivering for your current clients, and
  • a powerful business owner mindset.


The problem is you’re

  • not clear on what's even possible for your specific consulting business,
  • having difficulty constraining because you've got such a wide range of experience,
  • worried that if you get too successful you'll have to sacrifice too much,
  • not comfortable selling yourself,
  • and overwhelmed not knowing where to start.

You end up underearning, overworking, and frustrated with yourself for not figuring it out faster.


You shouldn’t have to feel conflicted between running your business and working in your business.

I get it.

  • I used to feel so awkward when I was marketing and selling too.
  • I missed the days when I had sales and marketing organizations that handled all of that (even if they did oversell, forcing me to jump through hoops to deliver).
  • I was always feeling behind, and critical of myself.


Using my step-by-step scale-IC Method™️, I’ve helped clients just like you to get clear on their business plan and the exact offers, positioning, and routines they needed to bring their business goals to reality.

I can help you get there too.


This is why I work privately with independent consulting business owners, like you, to create predictability in your business without burning out so you can:

  • stop worrying about creating and managing client demand
  • stop second-guessing whether what you're doing is right (or enough).
  • And instead, be crystal clear on the exact business model you're growing and the formula that will get you there.
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Svetlana C. says:


"I am a raving fan of Melisa Liberman, my personal coach! She has been coaching me in the past 6 months and I wish I had  her advice and guidance through the past 15 years. Melisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the business world giving her ability and authority  to guide me through  the process of opening  and structuring my own organization."

Here's the approach we use...


We work together to tailor and implement the scale-IC Method™️ in your consulting business.

Strengthen Your Business Owner Mindset

  • Identify areas where you're holding yourself back (e.g. employee-mindset).
  • Get clear on where and how to transform into business owner quality thinking.
  • An inventory and process for uncovering and overcoming the inner critic.

Cast a Clear Vision

  • Your 3-year vision
  • Your rolling 12-month business plans
  • An inventory and process for uncovering mindset limitations and thought errors holding you back and
  • Your individualized, step-by-step 90-day plan so we know exactly how you'll accomplish your goals.

Attract Ideal Clients

  • Your aligned service offering(s), positioning and pricing
  • The formula so you know exactly what activities & timeframes create the leads and clients you need to fuel and grow your business
  • Step-by-step from first conversation to contract close
  • Clearly-defined guardrails to avoid taking on non-ideal clients or overloading yourself

Leverage Your Capacity

  • Define your delegation and teaming model to increase your capacity and protect your mental energy
  • Make powerful decisions about scaling your business model
  • Determine your investment and growth strategy
  • Identify and replace employee-thinking that stalls your progress and growth


  • Capture repeatable frameworks for continuous improvement and efficiencies
  • Establish and enforce scope creep protocols
  • Protect your schedule via guardrails
  • Deliver predictable value to create referenceable and repeat client work
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt
  • Feel valued and fulfilled in the work you do

Whitney says...


"I would never have dared to pursue the professional path  that I truly desired. Melisa’s coaching has equipped, encouraged, and focused me. Now I am actively and boldly chasing  after  what I want and deserve... I am forever grateful!"

Want to stop second-guessing?

Are you ready to stop doubting yourself and your ability to land new clients, deliver impeccable results and balance all of this with your personal life?


You can create a thriving independent consulting business, including the impact, income and flexibility that initially led you to solo consulting.

Now is the perfect time to start balancing the work on your business with the work in your business, to become the sought-after consultant for your niche.

1:1 coaching with Melisa, based on her scale-IC Method™ guides you through all the steps required to push past your current ceiling and onto the business you've only dreamed of.

Why Now?


The 2 most common reasons independent consultants delay coaching:

1. They don't think they have the time 

2. They want to try on their own first

Are you thinking one or both of these things too?

Let's get real for a minute.

It's never going to be the perfect time, there will always competing priorities. 

If you want to reach your goals as a business owner, it's crucial to carve out time to work on your business.

And, to make the most of that time.

Working with Melisa as your coach will help you make the most of the time do have.

  • There's no reason to DIY, making this harder than it has to be
  • There's no reason for you to continue to feel undervalued, underutilized and to be underpaid for your expertise.
  • There's no reason for you to worry about failing and being forced back to corporate.

Now is the time for you.

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Susan says...


“I see now that I can make this business a success no matter what comes my way. I’m clear on exactly what I want to do (and what I don’t want to do), and I have a repeatable, predictable business development process.

More importantly, I have a clear framework for overcoming the mental roadblocks and obstacles that are part of owning a business.”

About Melisa Liberman ~ Award-Winning Coach, Consultant & Podcast Host


Hi, I'm Melisa Liberman.

I'm a former corporate tech executive turned management consultant and coach.

I've worked at Accenture and also built and led a global professional services organization for a SaaS startup, which I helped lead to a $.25B exit.

After leaving corporate, I became an accidental entrepreneur when my former company hired me on retainer. After I got a taste of the flexibility, income and fulfillment, I realized independent consulting was exactly where I wanted to be.

I've been an independent for the past 10+ years and am passionate about helping other independents create the same success, growth and longevity I've achieved.

In short, my goal is to help other independent consultants to accomplish exactly what they want in your business, as I have in mine.

Brian says...


“Working together, I've built out two businesses and am excited about a third. I feel so much more clear, confident and certain that I will succeed in anything I pursue because I have both the strategies important to being a business owner as well as the mental models required to weather and achieve through the ups and downs."

Is the coaching program right for you?

Coaching is right for you if...

  • You're tired of spinning your wheels
  • You want to be making more money without sacrificing your personal life
  • You're tired of feeling needy and dependent on your network and recruiters
  • You're willing to be open and transparent about it all...the good, the bad and the (seemingly) ugly
  • You're a high achiever who wants to create the business (and life) of your dreams, but you feel lost or overwhelmed
  • You want a guide to help you compress the time to achieve your business goals
  • You're open to digging into all 3 critical success factors - strategy, tactics and mindset
  • You're someone who sees the value in investing in expertise

Coaching is not for you if...

  • You want someone to build the business side for you
  • You don't see the value in working on your business, in parallel with client delivery
  • You're not open to diving into your mindset (e.g. your thoughts and feelings), alongside the strategy and tactics
  • You're not a fan of personal development
  • You want to argue for your status quo, even if it's not getting you to the result you ultimately desire

Tim says...


“I hadn't previously worked with a coach - my entire life I've been convinced I could do everything on my own. This process helped me identify and overcome my personal roadblocks, to fully see what I could do, even when I thought I couldn't. Melisa knows when to push and how to ask the tough questions."

You'll have everything you need to stop second-guessing and know without a doubt that your business will succeed


Create the predictable business you're meant to have

Private Coaching with Melisa where you'll implement the proven steps to reach your business goals and establish a strong foundation for years to come.

There are 2 options to choose from:


3 Months

  • Build out the 5 pillars from the scale-IC™️ Method so you generate more profit and impact while working less
  • Deep dive into your business where we create a clear, detailed roadmap for scaling your business to $1M without working more or hiring a team
  • A customized coaching plan specific to your business challenges and goals
  • The playbook to set up your business so it's sustainable, fulfilling, and impactful.
  • Private, 1:1 coaching with an industry expert 
  • Text support in between calls so you're never alone
  • Establish your standard operating procedures, using best-practice based, shortcuts that we tailor to your business:
    • 3-Year Consulting Business Plan so you have a crystal-clear vision for yourself and your business
    • Compelling consulting Offer and profitable value-based pricing so you're clear on what you offer to your ideal clients
    • Detailed Business Model so you know exactly what you're offering and the business development lifecycle to hit your #'s
    • 6 steps to transform into a successful CEO/business owner mindset (and leave behind the employee mindset that's sabotaging you)
    • Capacity Plan to increase your leverage and work-life balance
    • Business Operating Plan so you make the most of the time working on your business each week
    • Templatize your offerings to increase your delivery quality and efficiency


10 Months

Everything in the 3-month Foundational Coaching program


  • 2 additional 90-day deep-dive business cycles to further optimize your business systems
  • Sustainably grow your consulting business to $1M+ in 90-day laser-focused cycles
  • One-on-one collaboration with an industry expert who has a deep understanding of your unique business
  • Create consistency and momentum working on your business, so you don't get caught in client delivery at the expense of working on your business
  • Continued real-time troubleshooting on challenge areas in your business
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