64 Tasks To Outsource to a VA In Your Consulting Business

Mar 17, 2022

64 Tasks To Assign To Your Virtual Assistant as a Consulting Business Owner

As a consulting business owner, it can be a challenge to let go of control, and to delegate tasks to someone else such as a virtual assistant or bookkeeper.

So, you put it off.

Today, I want to help you take the first step toward hiring an assistant(s) for your consulting business by identifying what you could delegate.

I've created a list of 63 tasks you could assign to a virtual assistant for your consulting business.

I've also created a complete Guide to Hiring a VA to Support Your Consulting Business for you. Click here to download the guide: https://www.melisaliberman.com/va

Tasks to Assign to a VA

General Admin

  • Reporting
  • Testing/quality control your software and processes
  • Documenting the processes and standard operating procedures
  • Alerting you to time-sensitive communications
  • Maintaining your email inbox
  • Creating and managing Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive
  • Data entry and maintenance
  • Creating online forms
  • Capturing and managing metrics
  • Configuring software

Back-Office & Financials

  • Bookkeeping
  • Client budget to actual tracking
  • Managing inbound and outbound referral fees
  • Preparing draft info for CPA

Building your reputation

  • Publishing your content
  • Repurposing your content
  • Creating a content library
  • Polishing your content (e.g. editing, graphics)
  • Editing videos (e.g. add intro, add outro, add closed captioning)
  • Maintaining your LinkedIn profile
  • Manage your YouTube channel
  • Produce your podcast
  • Manage your social media platforms
  • Maintaining your website
  • Moderating comments
  • SEO
  • Researching publications and events

Business Development

  • Researching ideal clients to update your pipeline
  • Researching conferences and other events
  • Capturing and routing inbound requests
  • Connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn
  • Connecting with potential team members/referral partners on LinkedIn
  • Sending follow-on messages to new LinkedIn connections
  • Inviting LinkedIn connections to events
  • Commenting on LinkedIn posts to drive your visibility
  • Managing your LinkedIn message queue
  • Reaching out to people on your business development plan
  • Following up with people on your business development plan
  • Connecting and following up after an event
  • Drafting emails to your list
  • Managing your email list
  • Creating and managing lead magnets
  • Sending follow-ups
  • Sending thank you notes
  • Sending gifts for referrals & introductions
  • Pipeline administration
  • Drafting proposals using your template
  • Drafting contracts

Client Delivery

  • Preparing agendas
  • Preparing drafts (using your templates)
  • Conducting research
  • Setting meetings
  • Managing schedules
  • Project administration
  • Key milestone tracking and alerts

Client Management

  • Invoicing
  • Managing late payment alerts
  • Managing key contract dates
  • Maintaining client info in a CRM or Google sheet
  • Sending thank you cards, holiday cards, etc.

Personal Tasks

  • Organizing travel schedules and accommodations
  • Placing grocery delivery orders
  • Coordinating household maintenance
  • Purchasing gifts

Putting This Into Action for Your Consulting Business

For the full Toolkit for Hiring a VA to Support Your Consulting Business, download the guide at https://www.melisaliberman.com/va

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