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That's why I’ve created the Grow Your Consulting Business 14-Step Toolkit for you.

  • Is the book still on your shelf?
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Either way, I know that putting the concepts of a book into action can be challenging.

That’s why I created the 14-Step Toolkit for you as a companion to the book, to help you with templates, real-life examples, and shortcuts you can quickly implement.

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What's in the Toolkit?


14-Step Action Plan

Checklists, worksheets, and real-life examples you can use as jump-starts for implementing each of the 14 steps in your Consulting Business Growth Roadmap.

Best Practices

Look behind the scenes of the consulting practices, to uncover how to effectively generate leads, sell, and balance working on your business with client delivery.


Gain access to checklists and templates you can use to implement and optimize the 14 systems required to grow your solo consulting business.

Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your consulting business?

Grab the toolkit that helps you implement the 14 steps to grow your consulting business into a sustainable, repeatable engine.

As a bonus for completing the book, you have complimentary access to the

14-Step Consulting Business Growth Toolkit.

It's a toolkit tailored to meet the specific needs of independent consultant business owners like you.

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How Does the Toolkit Help You Grow Your Business?

Maximize Efficiency with Templates:

Implement the concepts Melisa shares in the book with the fit-for-purpose templates.

Reach your goals with Actionable Playbooks:

Gain access to templates, checklists, and real-life examples so you have starting points to short-cut the time it takes to implement and optimize your consulting business systems.

Save time and avoid common mistakes:

Gain behind-the-scenes examples from other consultants, to leverage as a starting point for your own systems.

Put the book into action.

Download the Grow Your Consulting Business 14-Step Toolkit today and unlock the resources to translate the knowledge into action, drive results, and grow a thriving consulting business.

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Thank you for choosing my book. I’m excited to see your consulting business exceed your wildest expectations.


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Grab the companion guide to the Grow Your Consulting Business Book.

Have the simple-to-use tools and templates to put the book into action so you can grow a repeatable, sustainable, and thriving independent consulting business.

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