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Enjoying predictability, and
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Private Coaching for Consultants

Grow your consulting business into a practice that's exceeding all your expectations - financial, flexibility, and impact.

  • Map out your 3-year consulting business plan so you have a crystal-clear vision for yourself and your business
  • Fine-tune your compelling consulting offer(s) so you're clear on your value and differentiators
  • Build out your pricing so you're doing highly-profitable work that isn't trading time for money
  • Reverse-engineer your business development process so you know exactly how to fill & maintain a healthy, sustainable pipeline
  • Get clear on managing your capacity and utilization so you increase your leverage and protect your business-life balance
  • Templatize your processes so you increase your predictability and efficiency
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4 Steps to Grow Your Independent Consulting Business

Your independent consulting practice is unique.

You're building a solo practice so you have less complexity, more autonomy, and the ability to make the type of impact beyond what you think is possible.

These resources are specific to your unique business model --- independent consulting.

They're designed to help you take your business to the next level, so you

  • Make more money
  • Become sought-after so you don't need to worry about your pipeline
  • Build a predictable sales engine
  • Have autonomy over your schedule and
  • Have control of reaching your big, bold business goals.

Step 1. Uncover Your Blind Spots

Pricing Scorecard

Pinpoint areas in your business where you're leaving money on the table.

Take the Assessment

Scalability Scorecard

Uncover your blind spots and reveal your prioritized next steps to grow your business, make more money and protect your flexibility.

Start the Scorecard

Productivity Scorecard

Uncover the opportunities to take control of your time and priorities so you increase the impact you're making on your business and with your clients.

Open the Scorecard

Step 2. Strategically Plan Your Business Growth

Define Your 12-Month Roadmap

Design and implement the plan that will drive the revenue, impact, and flexibility you crave.

Download the SOP

Improve Your 

Consulting Business Plan

One of the most common mistakes I see is independent consultants NOT building a business plan, whether they've been in business for 1 year or 20 years. Use this guide to avoid making this mistake.

Read the Guide

Step 3. Establish Your Consulting Offers and Price Your Consulting Services

Increase Your Rates & Add Retainers

The comprehensive guide to how independent consultant rates and retainer fees work.

Learn all about Pricing

Brand Yourself to Become Sought After

Learn how to brand yourself so you are known for and sought after for what you do as a consultant.

The Ultimate Branding Guide

Use Powerful Questions to Sell Your Services

Discover the top questions consultants should ask their prospects & clients. Learn how to build successful relationships, from uncovering pain points to clarifying goals.

Define Your Sales Process

Systematize Your Business Development Process

Choosing the right CRM can make all the difference for your consulting business. This article discusses the best CRMs for consultants and which ones to avoid.

Choose a CRM

Add Retainers to Your Consulting Service Portfolio

Take this Assessment to uncover your areas of opportunity and the path to adding retainers to your consulting business.

Choose a CRM

Step 4. Consistently Land Profitable, Fulfilling Consulting Clients 

Consistently Fill Your Pipeline

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to fill your consulting pipeline in as little as 26 minutes per day.

Download the SOP

Improve the Quality & Quantity of Your Leads 

Everything you need to know about lead generation for independent consultants, including the 38 lead generation techniques for independent consultants and the 5 lead generation mistakes to avoid.

Read the Guide

Get Consulting Clients With This Weekly Routine

Learn how to create a consistent, repeatable, and predictable flow of consulting clients.

Get The Routine

Negotiate To Avoid Leaving Money On The Table

The 18 advanced negotiation tactics to help you negotiate better as an independent consultant

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Read the featured resources for actionable insights on independent consulting pricing strategies, personal branding for consultants, lead generation for independent consultants, sales for independent consultants, and much more...

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I'm glad you're here.

I'm Melisa.

I help independent consultants scale themselves and their businesses... they make more money, increase their impact, and do it working on their own terms.




I've been an independent consultant and coach for the past 10+ years. After becoming an "accidental independent" when I resigned from the SaaS company I helped start and grow to exit, I took on engagements that came to me.

I left so much money on the table and missed so many opportunities to make a bigger impact because I had no idea how to market and sell myself.

I felt like such a failure.


I finally decided to hire my first coach.

And, that's when everything changed.

I started running my business as a business.

I learned the marketing and sales strategies I needed to land ideal clients.

I built solid mindsets around marketing, sales, money, and business ownership.


I am passionate about helping my fellow independent consultants succeed in their businesses, so they feel successful, impactful and in control of hitting goals they never imagined were possible.

Learn More About Working With Melisa

Melisa works privately with independent consulting business owners to help them grow predictable, sustainable, and fulfilling consulting practices using her proprietary scale-IC Method™️.

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