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Apr 05, 2024

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What is a consulting one-pager?

A consulting one-pager is a concise document designed to introduce a consultant's services, service offerings, and value proposition to potential clients or stakeholders in a clear and impactful manner. It serves as a marketing tool that highlights key information about your consulting business, including your consulting services, your past consulting engagements, and how you address a client's needs. 

The goal of a one-pager is commonly misunderstood. While it’s common to think that the goal of the one-pager is to grab the attention of potential consulting buyers, make a memorable impression, and encourage them to take further action, such as reaching out for more information about your consulting services, it’s not. Instead, the goal of a one-pager is to have a “check-the-box” type asset that provides information about your consulting services without expecting your one-pager to do any selling for you.

In this article, we’ll dive into the consulting one-pager so you know how to create an effective one-pager to add to your consulting firm's marketing material bank. Then, we’ll discuss best practices of using the one-pager and mistakes to avoid.


What should be included in a consulting services one-pager?

When designing your consulting one-pager as an independent consultant or a micro consulting firm owner, center it around your ideal client's perspective rather than treating it as another version of your resume. Start with addressing the challenges, needs, and objectives your ideal client faces. Show that you understand their situation intimately and can speak their language. This initial section should demonstrate your understanding of your ideal client’s unique pain points and desired outcomes.

Instead of enumerating all the services you provide, focus on those that directly solve your ideal client's problems. Incorporate concise examples or mini-case studies that demonstrate your success in resolving similar issues. It's crucial here to communicate how your unique approach or methodology benefits them specifically, turning a list of services into a narrative of potential solutions and positive outcomes they can expect. This part should help your clients visualize achieving their objectives with your guidance.

Conclude with a clear and enticing call to action that encourages your ideal client to engage with you further. Whether it’s scheduling a diagnostic or assessment or downloading a valuable resource (e.g. a white paper or trends report), make sure they know exactly what step to take next. Your call to action should be straightforward and compelling, emphasizing that the next move is simple and directly within their reach. Keep the tone and message throughout the one-pager focused on how you are there to tackle their specific challenges, reinforcing that your priority is their success.

Do I really need a one-pager?

It’s important to have a consulting one-pager for your independent consulting business. But, the reason to have a one-pager might not be for the reason you expect.

For an independent consultant, a one-pager is a "check-the-box" type asset, essential for establishing credibility and professionalism with your ideal clients and referrers. The one-pager acts as a foundational marketing piece that succinctly communicates who you are, what you offer, and why you stand out, all on a single, easily digestible page. 

The one-pager can serve as a versatile business development tool for various contexts, from networking events to introductory emails. It’s important to have the one-pager ready to send when a potential client or referrer asks for one.

While a one-pager serves as an essential piece in a consultant's toolkit, it's crucial to recognize its role is largely for optics. It presents a polished, professional snapshot of your services and achievements but should not be relied upon to secure business, make sales, or fulfill sales responsibilities. The effectiveness of a one-pager is in creating an initial impression and facilitating conversations; however, the heavy lifting in sales and new client acquisition—building relationships, understanding client needs, and demonstrating value—requires you to facilitate a strategic business development process.

In essence, the one-pager is an entry point, not a standalone sales strategy. It opens the door and sets the stage for deeper engagement, but you must actively pursue opportunities and close deals through direct communication, presentations, and tailored proposals.

A consulting one-pager example to help you create your own

Here's a sample of an effective consulting one-pager that strikes the right balance between conveying essential information and avoiding information overload for the reader.

 A consulting one pager example with detailed explanations about the elements included in each section

Elements to have at the top section 

There are several key components of an effective consulting services one-pager. First, click here to download a consulting services one-pager template.

Now, let’s walk through each element one at a time, starting with the top section.

The header

The header includes your name or your company name and company logo. It's the first thing that catches the eye, so it should be professional and distinctive.


Introduction or summary

The introduction or summary is a brief section that introduces you or your consulting firm and summarizes what you do. It should clearly articulate your unique value proposition. It can be phrased as a headline and tagline. 

Elements to include in the middle

Next, let’s walk through each element of the middle section of your consulting one-pager. If you haven’t done so already, click here to download a consulting services one-pager template to use as a starting point. It will give you a head-start.

Description of who you are

The description of who you are is most effective when it’s framed from the perspective of your ideal consulting client and what matters most to them. For example, you can describe your company’s expertise in a specific industry, function, and/or geography and the range of clients you’ve worked with previously. Don’t forget to include any relevant experience you gained while working in corporate. It counts!

Services Offered

Outline the key consulting services you provide. This section should be easy to scan, possibly using bullet points or icons for each service.

Why Choose Us

The "Why Choose Us" section of your consulting one-pager is designed to succinctly convey the unique benefits and advantages of choosing your consulting services over competitors. It highlights your unique value proposition (UVP, your unique selling points (USPs). You can also include your key methodologies and frameworks here. This section is intended to showcase what sets you apart and how your approach adds value to your client.

Testimonial Quotes

In the testimonial section, include one or two short case studies and testimonials from past clients to build credibility and trust. These should be specific and relate to the benefits of your services.


Elements to include at the bottom of your one-pager

Finally, let’s walk through each element of the bottom section of your consulting one-pager. 

If you haven’t done so already, click here to download a consulting services one-pager template to use as a starting point. It will give you an easy starting point.

Call to Action

In the call to action section, it’s your opportunity to direct readers on what to do next. This could be to schedule a consultation, request a diagnostic or assessment, visit your website, or contact you for more information. Make sure your contact information is clear and easy to find.

For more on the strategy to offer a free diagnostic to your clients, listen to episode 160 of the Grow Your Independent Consulting Business podcast. It focuses on Using Diagnostics to Uncover Consulting Leads More Effectively.


Contact Information

In the contact information section, you’ll want to clearly display your contact information, including your email, phone number, your website, your LinkedIn profile, and/or your calendar link. This section should be easy to find without dominating the design.


Consulting one-pager do’s and don’ts

Now that you’re clear on the purpose of a consulting one-pager and all the key elements to include in your one-pager, let’s dive into best practices to follow and common mistakes to avoid.

Best practices to follow

Here are the best practices to follow for your consulting one-pager:


Clarity and Conciseness

Ensure your one-pager is direct and to the point, stripping away any unnecessary jargon or fluff. The goal is to communicate your value proposition and services clearly, allowing potential clients to quickly understand how you can solve their problems.


High-Impact Messaging

Craft your messaging to make an immediate impact. Use strong, action-oriented language that highlights the benefits of your consulting services. Emphasize outcomes and results to make your proposition compelling.


Tailoring Content to Target Audience

Customize your one-pager to speak directly to your ideal client's needs, challenges, and industry specifics. Demonstrating an understanding of their unique situation builds credibility and shows that your services are relevant to them.


Visual Consistency and Professional Design

Maintain a cohesive visual theme throughout your one-pager, using your brand colors, fonts, and logos consistently. A professional and polished design not only enhances readability but also reinforces your brand identity.


Incorporating Actionable Insights

Include insights or brief case studies that showcase your expertise and the tangible results you've achieved for clients. This actionable information helps potential clients see the value of your services and encourages them to engage with you further.


Common mistakes to avoid

And, here are the common mistakes to avoid when you’re writing and distributing your consulting one-pager. 


Treating the Consulting One-Pager Like a Resume

One of the first mistakes to steer clear of is treating the one-pager like a resume. This document is not an exhaustive list of your accomplishments and qualifications; rather, it's a targeted pitch designed to articulate how you can solve specific problems for your clients. It's essential to focus on the benefits you bring to your clients.


Leaning on the One-Pager to Do Your Sales Job

Another common mistake is over-reliance on the one-pager to do the heavy lifting in sales conversations. While a one-pager serves as an effective introduction to your services and value proposition, it's just the beginning of the dialogue. It cannot and should not be expected to generate a lead or close sales on its own. Effective selling requires ongoing engagement, personalized follow-ups, and deeper discussions that a one-pager simply cannot accommodate. Treating the one-pager as more than a “check-the-box” type of tool is a misstep.


Information Overload

Overloading the one-pager with too much information is also a mistake. The goal is to make the document easily digestible and engaging, not to overwhelm the reader with every detail of your consulting practice. Stick to the most compelling points about your services, success stories, and how you can address the client's challenges. A cluttered or densely packed one-pager can deter potential clients from engaging further. 

As a solution to this challenge, you may consider making more than one-pager for your consulting business, such as a one-pager for each service or client type if you have more than one.


It’s About the Client, Not About You

Making the one-pager all about yourself and neglecting the target audience's needs is another error to avoid. The content should be client-focused, addressing their specific problems, pains, and how you can help overcome them. It's crucial to speak their language and demonstrate an understanding of their industry and challenges, making the document resonate more effectively with them.


Missing a Clear, Compelling Call to Action

Forgetting to include a clear, compelling call to action (CTA) is a significant oversight. The CTA guides the reader on what to do next, whether it's reaching out for a consultation, visiting your website, or downloading additional resources. Without a clear next step, even the most interested potential clients may not know how to engage with you further.


Unprofessional Presentation

Lastly, presenting a one-pager that lacks a professional or polished look can undermine your credibility. The design and overall presentation of the document should reflect the high quality of your consulting services. A clean, visually appealing layout with consistent branding and error-free content speaks volumes about your attention to detail and professionalism.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure your consulting one-pager effectively captures attention, communicates your value, and sets the stage for successful client engagements.

Get the Free consulting one-pager template

I want to make this easy for you to create your consulting one-pager. So, I’ve developed a template for you in Canva. 

This consulting one-pager template is designed specifically for independent consultants and micro-consulting firms like yours. The customizable one-pager template for consultants allows you to quickly put your best-practice-based consulting one-pager in place for your business.

Plus, when you download the one-pager template, I’ll also give you a bonus case-study PDF template to highlight your successes. 

These tools are straightforward, easy to tailor to your branding, and focused on what matters: coming across as professional with your ideal clients and referrers. Don’t wait to get this done. Grab your templates today and start making a stronger impact with potential clients.

You created your consulting one pager. Here’s what to do next:

Now you have the key steps for creating a consulting one-pager that includes clear, concise content, tailored messaging, consistent design, and actionable insights. 

Even though you have these tools and information, I know firsthand that crafting a one-pager that effectively communicates your value can be challenging, especially when doing it for yourself. Many consultants struggle with this task much like a marketing consultant who couldn't translate her expertise into her own brand messaging. Despite her skills in marketing for others, defining her messaging, positioning, and value proposition required external help. She turned to me (Melisa) as her business coach to help her optimize her messaging and positioning, refine her value proposition, and ultimately land more client work.

Isn’t that ironic? Yes, it's somewhat ironic. The situation where a marketing consultant, skilled in creating compelling messages for others, struggles to do the same for her own business, underscores a common irony many professionals face. Experts often find it challenging to apply their skills to their own projects due to close personal involvement or lack of objectivity. Seeking outside help, despite having the expertise, highlights the importance of external perspectives in achieving clarity and success in one's own endeavors. This scenario emphasizes that expertise in a field doesn't always translate to self-application.

Your next step is to review your one-pager with these insights in mind. If you're encountering difficulties in defining your unique value or designing an impactful one-pager, consider consulting with a business coach. This external perspective can be crucial in refining your messaging to appeal directly to your target clients. A coach's guidance could be the difference-maker in effectively showcasing your expertise and attracting your ideal clients.

Book a consultation with me (Melisa) to learn more about private coaching for consultants, and to see if private coaching will be a good fit to help you accelerate your consulting business goals.

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